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Julieta (mami_julieta) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 02:51:00
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    Current mood:drunk
    Current music:Reggae Gold Mix 2003

    Everybody get low...
    HOLLA so it's a thursday night at almost 3am and the Jamacian (Janelle) and I are just getting back from tha farm. Jaren called me around 930 when Janell and I were watching "I love the 80's strikes back" to tell us to go to the farm for some dj'd dancing. SO, after several hours of lagging we finally went out and got to the farm at almost midnight. We danced, drank a lot of beast and had a good amount of fun. She really wanted to hook up with this boy mike (with a tounge ring) and they ALMOST did, but her sis came to pick us up and take us home. This fraternity boy named ceicel wanted us to stay at their house, but I defenetly vetoed that... ok, well I should sleep cuz i got chem lecture tomorrow at 10am! Then its off to EUGENE and Ill totally write about all that. Sorry about my grammar right now but im still drunk off tha beast...OH and there was a boy in the Pi Delt. house that reminds me exactly of, you guessed it, CHRIS CARTER! It was weird...anyways, holla to my girls who dont go to OSU that I miss A LOT! OFACE! HOLLA HOLLA!

    ok, lets tally it up:
    drink of choice: 151, vodka & sprite, Milwakee's best
    Lesbian encounters: 0 ('cept when janel and I freaked)
    Po encounters: none
    Hours 'till my first class: 7

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