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Malinda Maloney (malinda_29) wrote,
@ 2005-07-21 17:53:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:At Long Last, Love-Danny Elfman-Spider-Man 2

    Joan of Arc
    Well, I'm almost done with Joan of Arc. Almost. Let me explain the book.

    It is over 400 pages long, which, in all honesty isn't too long for me. I can read a book that is a hundred pages long in two days, without reading nonstop of course. So naturally, reading at a leisurely pace would mean it would take me four days to finish. I've been on this book for maybe two weeks now. It's a book I can't put down, honestly, but, I'm not close to finishing. I think for once, I'm reading slower to get the full amount of meaning and detail that is available.

    Right now, I'm about two months from her burning. And I really almost can't bring myself to read it. I know why I love this book so much... I honestly don't think it would matter whether this book was written incredibly well or not. Which it is. It's written by Mark Twain, though, when he published it, he published it under a different name. He wrote it as if her real-life secretary, Sieur Louis de Conte, had written a memoir to his great-neices and nephews, which had been found and translated.

    The book takes you through her life, and gives sort of an inside story, for the viewpoint of one of her very close friends.

    Now, whether you're a Catholic or not (the whole Saint thing), or even a Christian... I think it'd be -very- hard to say that nothing extraordinary happened to Joan. It's just... wow... literally. Really inspiring, both in awe and other ways.

    I'm so glad I chose her for my Saint for Confirmation. It took me awhile to realize that that was who it was supposed to be, but... wow.

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