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Katie (malibu24) wrote,
@ 2005-02-18 16:56:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Scars- Papa Roach

    For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
    Valentines day sucked. And then, miraculously it became wonderful. I started to get down in the dumps and started crying, so I took Jeremy up on his offer to go to the bar. We went out...blah blah blah, and then we went back to Jeremy's house and talked for awhile. And surprise surprise, he told me that Tony told him that he likes me!!!! I was so unbelievably excited, you have absolutely no idea! So now that I know that, I don't feel weird around him, I feel a lot more comfortable around him. And I think he notices that and feels a lot more comfortable around me too. So lets go through the week. What did I all do? On Tuesday night I picked Tony up and we watched Joe Dirt... I think. Yeah, and we played rummy and I won. At one point, Tony was laying on the mattress on the floor in the basement and I was sitting on the floor. He asked me if I was comfortable and I said no and then he said that there was plenty of room in the bed and I could join him.... I didn't. I don't know if that was a huge mistake or not. I hope not.....Then on Wednesday night Tony called me and I picked him up and we just talked and went to Subway, before I dropped him off at home. (After I dropped him off at home, Pam and I went to Ethan and Jeremiah's and we just basically did nothing. I read magazines and Pam and Ethan made googly eyes at each other, and Pam and I both noticed that JEremiah kept looking at me.) Anyway's, then on Thursday night, last night, Tony called me around 4 and I went and picked him up. We went to the mall, shopko, IGA twice, Lisa's, and then he actually came over and watched The O. C. with me and Pam. Can you believe that? A guy who didn't mind watching The O. C. with two girls?!?!?!? Shocking! It was actually really great. I am so happy and nothing has really happened yet. I mean, I think eventually something will, but it is best to let nature take its course and see what happens. Jeremy is really pressuring me to tell him that I like him, but that will make for a very awkward moment for me, and I'd rather just let things happen on their own, which I'm sure that they will.

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