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sally samsun (makaylaggriley) wrote,
@ 2011-07-04 19:18:00
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    Girls hold their very own in kart racing
    Is it possible to take pleasure in a activity that is dominated from the opposite sex?

    For the 6 kart racers of the only all-women staff taking part in the inaugural OCBC Company Karting Problem, the reply is a resounding "yes".

    They had been shaped by motorsports blogger Cheryl Tay, while the other 5 - Doris Suresh, Michelle Kuek, Nazilah Abdul Rahim, Lemna Parvani Sani and Goh Might San - were chosen from over 50 potential female kart racers.

    "I had this concept to form an all-women kart-racing group initially when i first heard with the OCBC Company Karting Challenge," Tay stated.

    "I ended up being approached from the business-development director of, an activity Internet portal, which sponsored each a men's team and this all-female crew."

    All six members had lots of karting expertise. As an example, Suresh, the most senior with the bunch at 42, has been karting because 1990. Though she stopped racing when she took on a occupation within the resort industry, she is thrilled to be back again behind the driving wheel once more.

    "Once you've that enthusiasm to race, it by no means disappears," she stated. "When the Kartright Speedway kart-racing track opened within Upper Jurong Road, it provided an chance to obtain back into racing."

    Other team members have also performed considerable kart racing around the region.

    And, of course, all had their own stories of being ridiculed by male racers. But rather than being discouraged, they simply rolled their eyes and soldiered on.

    "Most of it was just good-natured teasing," said Kuek, 31. "They would complain that we generate as well gradually, and that we're blocking their way."

    Nazilah, 29, additional: "Rather than being discouraged, it simply produced me more determined to demonstrate that I can race as well as the males."

    Forming an all-women crew also helps too.

    Said Tay, the youngest from the crew at age 24: "Girls enjoy things in groups, so that's why I create this group - so that we women may have a comfortable atmosphere to race in. And, certainly, we have been supportive of 1 a different during our practices."

    The team will probably be racing on Aug six against an all-men subject within the 3rd round of qualifying for that OCBC Corporate Karting Challenge, a four-hour endurance race held in the technically challenging Kartright Speedway.

    The very best 4 teams will qualify for the Oct 15 ultimate.

    While the staff wouldn't say that they are dead-set on qualifying for that last, they feel that they have what it takes to provide it a go.

    Even when they don't allow it to be, it's the camaraderie among these like-minded pals that keeps them heading strong within the activity.

    Said Sani, 28: "It's not so much winning, as planning to go as quickly as I'm able to. If I can win on the way, then that could be amazing and I'd really like that, however the journey alone is great fun."

    Additional Goh, 25: "The thrill of relaxing in a race kart, flying on the track, practically looking at ground level, is positively exhilarating. The feeling of manage above the kart and possibility of improving my instances cause me to feel want more.

    "Thus, winning becomes a type of recognition."

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