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Lindsay (madgummibears41) wrote,
@ 2004-03-24 19:31:00
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    Current mood: peaceful
    Current music:"Shut Up" by Kelly Osbourne

    the mall: my home away from home
    on monday, me and cheyenne and kelsey and skylar and shayne went 2 howard park! it was soooooo freakin much fun!!! we walked around the beach like a billion times and then we took pictures of this REALLY HOTT guy. we think he was a metrosexual cuz he had very clean nice clothes and his shirt was pink so our lil nickname 4 him is "pinky"! haha. im gonna marry him. hehehe. then yesterday me and my mom went 2 international plaza and shopped 4 a couple of hours. we had lunch @ california pizza kitchen. YUMMMMM. yea i had bbq pizza and key lime pie. it was sooo good. then i got sum pretty sunglasses frum dry ice. i heart them. and i got this dee-lish lotion! its coconut lime verbana and it smells like key lime pie! if i could eat it, then i probably would.then 2day i went w/ kelsey and her mom and her sister 2 countryside mall. even tho i didnt buy n e thing i had fun! hehehe. and the stupid guy @ subway like only gave me 2 pickle slices on my sandwich so i had 2 ask him like 30 million times to give me more pickles. hey-pickles are good. then we went 2 publix and they had this REALLY gross ham there. it was like vacuum packed. kelsey and i were havin fun in the meat department. hahahahha. sad huh?

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2004-03-24 20:05 (link)
Haha the meat section is fun man! lol. Except for vacuum packed ham, that makes you throw up! And don't have too much fun in the bathroom with the paper towels. lol. Love ya lots! PINKY!!!!!!!!

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