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Jai (madebymagik) wrote,
@ 2004-06-17 22:44:00
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    Current mood: mischievous
    Current music:elevator music...ahh the sounds of pain!

    "I've been outbreak free for over a year..."
    MAN dont you hate those herpes commercials and then at the end you hear them say it might not work...DAMN! I get my hopes up for a cure or at least some comfort and then I'm rudely brought back to reality that 1 there is no cure and 2 I dont have therefore my valuable TV time is used up but stupid commericals that dont apply to me. A second ago there was a commercial for Lazuras...WE DON'T EVEN HAVE THAT STORE ANYMORE! damn those out of businessers!
    Now for another thing that annoys me...PEOPLE WITH NO! absolutely NO fav site ever is t-shirt hell. Well every month I get a newsletter and all these people write in and say how that site and its tshirts are sick and such...well NEWSFLASH you might be disgusted but I am amused by your petty attempts at getting them to change their ways. Do they ask you to accept them..NO! hell if you dont wanna see their shirts then dont go to the damn site. Meah...stupid people are breeding everywhere and I'm stuck in the middle...its like the stupid people Jamie sandwich. BLAH! Get a damn room! and no I'm not high or drunk...I'm just insanely psychotic right now...isnt it cool! I think so and so does my friend candice she LOVES me like this...she wants me sexy body...whoa scottish accent outta no where. Put it back in the do do!
    Until next time....cherio old chap ;)

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