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* Chronicles of Life and Death * (made_adele) wrote,
@ 2005-09-12 21:01:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:Good Charlotte - The truth

    Some Say That Time Changes... And Best Friends Can Become Best Friends Again.
    I still hate Mr.Blurty. He deleted my long update again. (So its gonna be short again, u lucky one).
    Hi. When i got back home i took a shower, i put on some sexy eyeliner, a cute shirt and a cute tie and all. Then i sat in front of my computer. And now im writing this.
    I.M. S.O. F.U.C.K.I.N.G B.O.R.E.D. But at least im not depressed. Yeah, thats okay today im in a good mood. I think this year's gonna be long. for real. Not hard or anything, just looooooooooooooooong. Borring. Maybe i should just go to sleep and wake up when september ends. (haha. green day rocks.)

    Im happy. Manson and I are best friends again. I thought i was never gonna talk to her again. thats so happy. Young and hopeless, people!! Well my good mood's coming back now. well i hope he'll stays with me, i wanna be happy. aha everybody's callin me Benji now because of some stuff weve done a few days ago and because of my make up too (same that him). As a good charlotte fan, i think thats cool. :) My best friend's a bit less lucky, shes being called Manson or Granny manson ahahaha.


    Allright everybody, i love you.

    XxxX take care.
    adele aka benji!

    SMILE (thanks to spessica from gc. board)

    smile, though your heart is aching,
    smile even though its breaking,
    when there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by
    if you smile through your fears and sorrows
    smile and maybe tomorrow you’ll see the sun come shining through
    if you light up your face with gladness
    hide every trace of sadness although a tear may be ever so near
    that’s the time you must keep on trying
    smile, what’s the use of crying?
    You’ll see that life is still worth while if you just smile

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