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Madison (maddybiotch) wrote,
@ 2003-10-09 12:37:00
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    I need to update more often. Well. Summer was good. I got down to 128, but then I went to MN and to visit my friend and they fed me lots of delicious vegetarian food and I think I gained some weight. I haven't gained a lot though because my tighest pants still fit and they aren't ass-tight. It feels like I've gained a lot, but then again, it always feels that way.

    Last week and this week have been hella stressful. Last week was an organic chemistry exam which didn't go so well. Note to self: study o-chem more. Yesterday was my astronomy and my Biocore exam. Astronomy was cancelled and switched to Monday for whatever reason. That sort of pissed me off because I studied, but oh well. Tonight is calc 2. It's a very very hard class, but for some reason, I'm feeling confident. Hopefully that doesn't kick me in the ass.

    I've been up for 2 days and I haven't eaten anything except caffeine and sugar. This morning I threw up. My body was in tweak out overload. I just need to keep my levels up until 7 when my exam is done and then I can crash.

    I'm out to study.

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