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Thing 1 (maddencrazy56) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 21:50:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Eve 6

    No one ever comes to my house anymore, I have no life, I must say having a boy friend is great always someone to talk about, but I just cant call him my best friend yet V_V and I am I really need someone to talk to, I feel like crying again and I am not listening to EMO or anything....Its just I miss SOFIA and I bet people think I am obessessed with her, but they just dont know how close we were in 8th grade and 7th grade, and all of a sudden High school comes and it ruins everything

    Everyone else is running around in the morning with there friends, that is also a reason I dont go to school so early is so I do not depress myself with "friendships", I try to go to people and meet other kids, but it just ends up with with a wave to eachother and that doesnt help. DAMNIT make all the pain slowly, I wont be suprised of Steven dumps me V_V I just want to be back in middle school

    I want to have little crushes and make hormones go away and feelings also, I want to be friends with Seth again ((yeah thats right seth)) and get his warm hugs, and go back to NY and cuddle with him on the bus, where I didnt have to worry bout anything, but being with Kyle him and sofia....

    But that will never happen will it, I am just a Kid that hasnt realized to deal with life yet, gosh and this all started with reading stevens journal but I am not blaming it on him...its just I want my best friend to come over to my house and watch DVDs with me and play video games and listen to our music and bother eachother with her "HIVES/BLUR/VINES" and my "FINCH/DIE TRYING/ THE CASUALTIES" nope no friends for Giulianna, no Best friend for giulianna....just her pathetic life...cause I havent discovered my place yet, maybe its in a comic book with Johnny C.

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