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Elliott (machalel) wrote,
@ 2003-07-03 00:29:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:Shaggy - Dance and Shout

    back home...and alone
    *loud sigh*

    back home again from what must be definitely one of the best fortnights of my life so far ^_^
    i must say thank you so much to Shirley for the fun we had, and the food you're the best! :)

    very strange coming back home. It feels very comforting and familiar, but feels like there is something missing, something i left behind...

    came back with 2 new pairs of jeans & 3 new shirts (1 button, 1 short tee, 1 long tee) as well as a few odds and ends (like ginger tea for mum & pants for Din)...I'd say it was pretty sucessful shopping...or at least for me it is...i dont usually buy lots of things at once...i prefer to hunt and track down my prey, rather than forage and gather items (if you get my oh, ok...well neither do i, so thats ok). Along with clothing i've also picked up some soap and a virgin-blue magazine (it had coctail recipies in it).

    i think i will go to sleep now...i'm not really tired (emotionaly exhausted tho :\) but i might as well try...and sleep all day tomorrow too...hehehe...lots to catch up on... then maybe into chinatown on friday (or thursday afternoon...if i can be bothered) ^_^;

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2003-07-02 23:07 (link)
i would say the same if you were a bit nicer to me hehehe.. thank you for being brave enough to eat my cooking.. i hope there is no long-term side-effect.. :)

and yes you did leave your shirt behind!! so that must've been the "something" that you felt you have left behind.. hehehe.. ^_^

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2003-07-04 09:45 (link)
brave enough to eat your cooking? what are you talking about? it was delicious! how about becoming my full time chef? ;)

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