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Mabel (mabel) wrote,
@ 2003-03-15 12:17:00
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    1st ever entry ....
    I'm going to Quees soon and get to see her new room on the third floor oohh ahh ee Maybe when im over there i can take quee and confess my true passionate love for her

    Last night me and mana went to the church and helped serve soup to people then we went to mass ... i was so extremly happy because i got to see kelly one last time before she left for flordia! ... I am really depressed kelly left but then im glad she gets to expriance flordia! Then my mom drove kell home and took mana over my house and she spent the night (unfortiantly) and we watched my new D.V.D. .... The Ring!

    The 2 poo heads Mana and Drew (from Philly) are gona play an April Fools Joke on me when Drew and Pat come up.... im scared because im afraid of what this so called joke is gonna be (there gona like shave my head !) but then im happy because i get to see Pat and Andrew! YaY!!!!

    Hmmm.... i dont have much of a life so theres nothing really to talk about
    so im going to quees now to confess to her
    Good Bye!

    P.S. - Happy Saint Patricks Day Parade! ....

    Scranton People Like St Patricks Day Bc It's Just An Excuse to Get Drunk - Pat

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2003-03-26 15:08 (link)
u spelled florida wrong haha

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