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Morgan (m_to_the_organ) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 15:02:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:the dismemberment plan, "the city"

    well.. i might as well start now.. i have had a handful of these journals (not on here but on other sites) and i always seem to write for at least a week or so and give up.. lets see how this goes

    i have gotten into the habit of ... that... just doing ... that.... for no reason other then i used to think it was smart looking and now i feel like i don't have anything good to say. which is true. i don't have anything good to say

    i want him so bad, lets go with that

    i want him so bad it hurts.. he hurts to look at

    goodness i am a whinner

    HOLY HELL.. we got DSL! sooo fast! sooooo nice! heheh

    the parents have invited family over for a "cookout" today because logan is leaving for camp soon, JOY! this should be yet another great night. jamie and jasons friend is coming.. hehe watch him be a wierdo.. i wonder if ul will ask if i want to get drunk again this time.. thank goodness for the jewish side of the family!

    more later when i feel like actually writing

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