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dana (m0rbidxreality) wrote,
@ 2003-06-28 23:16:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:Golden Years * Marilyn Manson

    hmm lets see..i have fucking SUN POISIONING..AGAIN but its not bad, thank god because it would be soo bad if i had it worse than this...hmm so due to my sun poisioning im freezing my ass off...uhmmmm i have bad bad bad bad cramps...damn uterus! (lol) why cant i have a penis!? I swear guys dont know how damn lucky they got it! Having a penis must can just like let it flop around and stuff and sare people with boners..haha so yea anyways I was swimming at Jenns until I messed up my brnd new bathing lucky i fixed it tho..SoOoOoOo now Im bored....Im getting my braces off in 5 days! wee! cant wait...Adrienne was here before too and we were hanging out and being petty stupid lol, she wanted me to sleep over but since I dont feelgood I said no. I feel so bad..I always say no to her =( one day soon tho Ill go there lol. Um ok well Im gonna get goin, byee

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2003-06-28 11:06 (link)
heyy alright i added ya =) if you want to IM / email me : CHiX diG

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2003-06-28 10:49 (link)
THese are just the worsts times of life. I wished i had a vagina but hey not no more..i kinda am lucky cuz i do get to scare people with boners and jumk but still...i feel really bad for dana.. Im gunna call 1-800-flowers for her. I love her sooo much hope she feels better makes me sad to see her suffer..mauhz! xoxox peace out

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2003-06-28 11:07 (link)
lol aww im glad you wish you had a'll be sorry for wishing that lol

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