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Jon (lyricdragon145) wrote,
@ 2005-01-18 00:05:00
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    Current mood: lonely

    ahh the joys of camporee...the blissfull pleasure of having 11 kids to take care of! yay! one would think that camping was fun, lol.

    i am beginning to understand why this generation is labeled as lazy, and spoiled. 5 days of putting up with laziness, complaining, and general all around fun is exhausting! boy. so amidst the minor fights, the food fiascos, and the INSANE heat, here is a little taste of a camporee day:

    7:45 am. wake up! drag yourselves out of bed, you lily-livered pathfinders! or we'll use the "hooter" on you. yes, we have an air horn, and we're not afraid to use it! deaf, are we? well, we'll just wake up with with a shot of cold water on your face! that's right, we've gotcher lucky waterpistols here! wake up!

    8 am. i said wake up!

    8:30 we stumble, still half asleep, to the morning worship. the Islander clubs are already cooking wonderful smelling food. curry chicken, coconut rice, yum. what do we have? instant noodles. spaghetti. cold cereal. so much for cultural diversity when it comes to camping, western style.

    9am-10 am we cook breakfast, attempt to clean up camp, and just hang around. the sun comes blazing in around 9:15, and so we're all running under some shade. you know that scene from chronicles of riddick? when the sun-superheated air comes exploding over the surface of the earth? ya. that's a bit what it's like. the very intense summer sun, blazing down on us like the fires of hell. lol, j/k, but it was pretty bad. i got sunburnt only on the last day though.

    another note: today's kids are DUMB. my goodness. "ouch, jon, i'm burnt. it's not my fault i forgot my sunblock, even though i had it in my bag."
    "ouch jon, i'm still stitting out in the sun after being burnt really bad. i put on sunblock, but i'm too irrational to know that once my skin's gone, i'll still burn no matter what."
    "ouch jon, i'm burnt. i forgot to do my face." or "ouch jon, i'm burnt. i didn't put any on my boobs, and now they're burnt, cause i didn't bring any normal t-shirts. its too hot."

    10 am - morning activity. whether it's crawling commando style through mud, or swimming/tubing a raft downstream, we're TIRED.
    another proof kids are dumb: "i don't want to go. i just wanna stay here, in the sun. getting more burnt. do we have to go?"

    12 pm: lunch break. again, the awesome islanders are cooking. we miss good food. at least i do. these kids eat anything - ramen, rice, beans, spaghetti, anything. we haven't gotten our shipment of daily fresh food in - it's late! it won't come till 3PM! yay! plus it'll be half-rotten! yay!
    so we laze around, cook some food, eat it and yell at the kids to wash up their own plates and make sure the dish crew are washing up. lazy as....

    2 pm - afternoon activity. same as morning one, except different.

    5:30 pm. SWIMMING. it's too hot. jumping is called "bombing" here. wish some of the gymnastics guys were here, they'd show them. hehe.
    so ya, we swim and flirt with the 17 year old girls. not that they're bad looking. to sad none of them were from AKL. they're all from Palmerston North, or Hamilton. lol. sucks.

    6:30 pm - dinner. same routine again, except we're getting tired of cooking. Emily, me and Josh. *sgh*
    7:30 selling glowsticks! however, we make the unfortunate discovery that kids here aren't as rich as the cali kids (understandably) and we can sell only 300 or so.

    8:00 pm - evening program. awesome, what can i say. you have these moments where you feel you wanna pray as hard as you can for the kids, that their materialistically, immature, selfish minds can be poked and prodded by the Spirit.

    10 pm we attempt to get to bed. this often backfires, due to me and josh wandering around the camp in shades and scarves. but Emily is great at being a mom, and make then all sleep. ah the joys of being staff! we flirt on the sly with the P.North girls more. who knew that being a quarter Indian and 3/4 white would make you look so good. dang!

    11:30 pm. okay we sleep.

    7:45 am - repeat.

    so that was my week. yes lots of fun, but i'm glad ti's over. on the plus side, i'm a bit skinnier, i hope. maybe i should do more camporees.

    today was the first day back. i woke up around 11 am. and was still VERY tired. michael came over around 12 and we washed/waxd our cars till 3, ate dinner/lunch at teh church, and then watched phantom of the opera. i just got out around 11:45.

    again, the blissful sadness of a epic movie. AMAZING. phantom. and the mme. cherie's daughter, jennifer something. OMG. like a more-beautiful britney.
    but now, i think perhaps for the first time, i'm lonely. and a little homesick. driving home through a wisp of smoke made me instantly back home in oregon. driving the beaches on 101, the rain in the winter, and the cool winds of summer. i miss it. strange. i thought i never would.
    but more than this, i'm lonely as. that's the phrase here. something as. like cool as ice. except you leave out the adjective, and say cool as. awesome, cause you can sould like you're saying ass, but your'e not! like sweet as, sick as, cool as, wise as, smart as, hot as...
    well i'm lonely as.
    i was telling josh, my "acting boys head counselor" that these were the times when i just wish i could cuddle with a girl.

    NO I'M NOT GAY. shut up.

    seriously. just cuddle, just to be held, and loved as a friend. being a leader and friend is a very hard line to walk and a more difficult than one would think. it's like i don't quite know how to be friends anymore. most interactions i do are becoming youth activities, rather than me and some guys hanging out. i don't want that. but sometimes being a leader adn being a friend coflicts.
    seriously. all i want is someone to hold me. hang out with me. someone i don't have to be a youth pastor to. someone whom i don't have to feel responsible for their salvation. someone to love.

    to the woman of my dreams

    in my mind's eye
    our toes hide little sandgrains
    on a shore cool and cold
    fresh breezes flow off of the autumn sea
    making you gasp for life - salt-shocking
    thinking of you and me and why
    with hands held together
    we weren't looking for love
    love just found us
    kicked us in the butt- we had no idea
    this beating of my heart
    matching the swinging of your feet
    off of this wind-washed dock - just us, alone
    loving our secret little place
    for our ocean chills
    shared heats of passion
    cooling fires into the warm gold shine
    of a ring entwined in
    one soul with these two hearts
    with each wave passing us
    under these graying wooden posts
    rocks us, loves us, is us - as we
    and the wind blows again
    gasping in pleasure
    your head on my chest
    my arms around you tight
    sighing our warmth
    of the heat of your mind in
    this ocean of cool-cold
    your hair wisping in the wind
    you were never more beautiful
    my cheeks warmed from your kisses
    i want to stay here forever
    knowing my eyes say the obvious - i love you
    hoping your mind hears my swirling thoughts
    that you are the defining epitome
    of what i yearn for in another human being
    that you love me, poor me...
    loving you makes me cry, i'm so happy
    hot salt tears plummeting
    across the wooden posts
    your sniffles soak my jacket
    my God, i love you
    i wanna be here forever.
    you're the woman of my dreams.

    then i wake up.

    night guys.

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