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lyndsie (lyndsie3542) wrote,
@ 2003-08-21 14:05:00
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    yes, yet again, another... *drumroll* survey
    What three smells evoke a strong emotional response in you, and why? (e.g. food, perfume...)
    1. campfire smoke. reminds me of the lake, sitting around the fire, etc
    2. the smell of fall. it reminds me of my childhood at my nanna and pappa's house
    3. axe and old spice reminds me of chris hmmmm

    What three specific sounds do you really love, and why? If you can't explain why, don't worry.
    1. the sound of jetskis/boats reminds me of being at the lake
    2. Chris' laugh. it's just fantastic. i love it.
    3. the gazeebo door. good times in the gazeebo, good times

    What three specific sounds do you absolutely hate, and why? If you can't explain why, don't worry.
    1. mosquitoes around me, bizzzzz ugh! i HATE it
    2. the school bell at school. ack. i love the end of classes (usually), but the noise. holy fuck, it's annoying
    3. car alarms. they make me homocidle

    Name three of your guilty pleasures and why you enjoy them. ("Just because" is acceptable.)
    1. Golden Girls. Dear God, I said it. I like the Golden Girls. I dont know why, I always have since i was like born, and i still watch it. you can be me straw now
    2. chocolate
    3. Teenager dumbass movies. I know I should be more into artsy movies and stuff (which I like too, don't get me wrong). I just enjoy a good brainless flick more than I should, ya know?

    Name three of your guilty displeasures (i.e. things you feel bad for not liking) and why you dislike them. ("Just because" is acceptable.)
    1.Harry Potter. I just dont like it. ick. I know, I know, I'm going to hell.
    2. Avril Lavigne. I hate her! I hate her! I HATE HER!
    3. MTV. carson daly needs to die. I dont even know if he;s still on that channel, that's how long i havent watched it in!

    You're famous! A toy company wants to make an action figure of you. What three special, unique SUPER-XTREEM ACTION features would it have?

    1. <> yeah that...
    2. the super duper help everyone spell simple words correctly power!
    3. eat as much as i want and not gain a thing

    You wake up one morning to find a time machine crashed in your backyard! Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, you go back in time for a bit of fun. Which three eras/locations do you visit?
    1. <>
    2. Acient Egyptian times
    3. if middle earth actually existed, i'd want to go there...

    While back in time, you decide to change three things in your own past or in world history. (The grandfather paradox is not in effect.) Which three things do you change, and why?
    1. keep things good between caitlin and i. i havent talked to her since 9th grade, and i just hope she's okay. if i would have patched things up, maybe things would be different now.
    2. erm i dont know...
    3. no idea

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