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Melly (lykexomfg) wrote,
@ 2003-10-27 17:27:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:The cars- You Might Think

    Weekendness for sure
    So Friday me and Danny and Vinny went to Casey's house, smoked then headed to the mall. The mall was okay, we ate (duh) and while we were eating that kid with the "I LOVE BOYS" shirt on came up to us and started talking, and then took our pictures so he could put it on his livejournal. It was quite random. So I took pictures, we rode the carousel, and sat around in the lounge areas, boring eh? We got home, rode to Justins, came back and hung out. Blahhhh.

    Saturday we woke up and Danny and Casey left to go get some ... hmph... and then they came back with Mug.. and we all hung out down here and ate the cookies my mom made. And then we all went to 6 flags (me luc mug and casey) we smoked and then went on the swings, it was funny cuz it was like we were flying hahhahaa. lmfao Luc said that funniest thing, we were like "you can't go on the ride if you have heart problems" and he goes "I do... *pause*.. its broken" lmfao, it was great. So we all just kicked it at 6 flags all day, went on rides, to the haunted house and stuff. and then came home. Me and Casey chilled, kinda, and slept. pfft

    Sunday was drama filled
    I woke up... and was in a bad mood for some reason, Casey went home and I just hung out all day. and then me and aaron got into this huge thing later on, it pissed me off BEFORE I talked to him but once I actually talked to him it was okay, haha, weird eh?... so then I talked to some other people, probably erik and casey because thats all I talk to online and went to bed.

    Today school was bullshit. Amy wasn't there so I had to walk to my classes alone :( haha, and my math teacher was being a complete DOUCHE, but fuck him I could kick his ass. hah

    well thats about it
    see ya :)

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