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Melly (lykexomfg) wrote,
@ 2003-11-25 21:48:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:im watching the news :)

    quiz cuz casey made me do it
    Name: Melissa
    Nicknames: Melly? thats it. i guess
    Birthday: August 30th
    Hobbies: Internet, mall, smoking, being dumb
    Screen Name: Kraziekangar00
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color:Brown
    Natural Hair Color: Brown...
    Who do you love/like: Everyone

    Number: 48
    Color: any
    Place: not here
    State: Virginia was fun. ( i agree casey)
    Country: The United States cuz.. thats wher ei live?
    Book: Empress of the world
    Game: taboo... mario
    Drug: Pot
    Condom: the ones that play music.
    Movie: ELF.
    Store: i donno
    Person: hehhh....
    Magazine: I donnooo
    CD: i donno yo.
    BoyBand/Singer: all of them
    Internet activity: ... images :)

    ---Do You---
    Cut urself: Not necessarily.
    Take meds you shouldnt: Not necessarily
    Pick your nose: damnit thats my favorite activity
    Lick urself: ummmm.... dumb question
    Whine a lot: 90% of the time
    Yell a lot: no...
    Hate a lot of people: Im beginning to
    Have too many friends: hah
    Want to die: not necessarily
    Believe in after death: um.. nope
    Go to church: not necessarily
    Love school: of course duh like totally
    Have a bf/gf: hah, yeah like thatll ever happen
    Have sex: *look at previous question*
    Smoke: cigs? no. pot? yes
    Do drugs: weed.
    Wear dark colors: Not a lot
    Try to be different: Im trendy as fuck
    Have any peircings: ears.
    Break bones a lot: no :( but ive tried
    Watch porn: lmfao
    Dye your hair: highlights.
    Shave strange places: strange?wtf?

    ----Have you ever----
    Kissed someone: yeah
    Had sex: No
    Frenched someone: yuhhh
    Given oral sex: yeah
    Attempted suicide: errr, havent all teenage girls?
    Killed someone: not except in my video games
    Been raped: no
    Shopped for condoms: no but i bought one for someone once
    Smoked: cigs? no.. pot?yes
    Gotten Drunk: nooo wayyy, hah
    Worn rainbow: maybe when i was little.
    Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: too bad yes
    Left the country: nope
    Had a party with over 30 people: No. (i only have 2 friends)
    Taken nude pictures: nope
    Taped yourself having sex: well considering im a virgin, no
    Stolen something: yeah
    Broken a bone: no
    Ran away from home: when i was little...
    Burned yourself: yeahhhh haha
    Caught something on fire: sure thing eh?
    Cheated on someone: nooo
    Wanted to cheat on someone: of course of course said the horse the horse
    Fell in love online: OH... David Michael , *tee-hee* :p (casey u gotta stop with the *tee-hee*s. really)
    Asked someone out: nope
    Been dumped: yup
    Dumped someone: nope
    Had a dream then the next day it happens: nope
    Called a porn hotline: I gotta do that eh?

    -----Pick One-----
    Cat/Dog: Cats
    White/Black: Black
    Hot/Cold: Cold
    Far/Near: Near
    Water/Land: Water
    Kiss/Sex: both
    Online/Phone: phone
    Beer/Book: beer.
    Novel/Poetry: Poetry
    Music/Silence: Music

    ------perfect mate------
    Short/Long Hair: not too long or too short
    Tall/Short: taller than me
    Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: preppy.
    Freckles/No Freckles: doesnt matter
    Hair Color: doesnt matter
    Hat/No: depends how they look
    Fat/Thin: in the middle
    Makeup/No Makeup: no makeup please
    Dressy/Casual: casual
    Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': lmfao wtf? pervs

    -------Last person:-------
    You Touched: ummmmm idk
    You Talked to: aaron
    You Hugged: i donno lol
    You Kissed: hah its been so long but i think mr. stalker.
    You Instant messaged: aaron
    You Yelled At: my dad
    Who Broke Your Heart: um?

    --------Are you:--------
    Understanding: yup
    Open-minded: yup
    Arrogant: hah no
    Insecure: yup
    Interesting: nope
    Hungry: nope
    Smart: not street wise hah
    Moody: yup
    Childish: Yup
    Hard working: not really anymore. ive gotten lazy
    Organized: not really
    Healthy: nope
    Emotionally Stable: idk.
    Shy: sometimes
    Difficult: yeah
    Attractive: nope
    Bored Easily: yup
    Messy: yup
    Thirsty: omg yes
    Responsible: probably not
    Obsessed: yup
    Angry: yup
    Sad: yeah
    Happy: nope
    Trusting: somewhat, no.
    Ill: kinda damn casey
    Talkative: haha too much
    Legal: lets just say YESSS.
    Original: nothing original nemore you fuck
    Ignored: Yes
    Reliable: Yes
    Deep thinker: pot does that to pepole ya know?
    Self-disciplined: uhh
    Sleepy: yup
    Lonely: yup

    ---------Who do you want to:---------
    Kill: idk
    Slap: stupid kids in school
    Get Really Wasted With: i dont care haa
    Tickle: you
    Look Like: casey
    Be Like: someone cool
    talk to: idk no one talks to me hah
    Talk To Online: Erik

    that was a lot or repeating eh?

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2003-11-26 18:48 (link)
Hey Melly... You don't wanna look like me, trust yo... Then you'd gotta wear like 235749574389lbs of make-up every day dude that would suckkk you don't wanna do that then you'd have olike a flat ass & stuff amd tajt would suuuckkk!!! Oh yeah dude *tee-hee* is wicked wicked wicked wicked cool opf me! *tee-hee*... OH YEAH WHAT YOU GONNA DFO ABOUT IT?@?@?!?!? THAT'S WHY I'M NOT GONNA BE WITH YOU FRIDAY NIGHT MU AHASHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

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