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Tyler "Snifit" Paul (lycanthorp) wrote,
@ 2004-03-28 16:11:00
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    Current mood: confused

    Yet another survay, this one stolen from Kain.
    Warning: Long list ahead.

    -My name is: Tyler
    -Nicknames: Snifit, Tree-bitch, and others. o.O
    -Sex: I am a dude. I hope...
    -Birthday:June 04-88. Not to be confused with 44.
    -Color: Green, blue, and black.
    -Star sign: I am a Gemini. Unlike my father before me.
    -Place of Birth: Orillia, Ontario. Soldier's Memorial Hospital at 5:04 AM.
    -Current Residence: Bradford, Ontario
    -Hair Color: A very dark brown. o.O
    -Eye Color: Hazel, or a varying tone of green with brown and grey blotches and lines around it.
    -Height: 6'03". I are tree.
    -Writing Hand: That was left handed, but I am a righty.


    -Do you bite your nails: If it's too long I bite it off and spit it at things... err...
    -Can you roll your tongue: Yes. I can almost make it go clover.
    -Can you blow smoke rings: Eww. Smoke. Cancer sticks. Death rods. Ugly lungs.
    -Can you blow spit bubbles: Who can't?
    -Can you cross your eyes: It's a unique talent only few selected specialists can do.
    -Tattoos and where: I don't think I want a ink covered needle pounding my body.
    -Do you make your bed daily: It's a horrid mess until I got to bed and make it.
    -What’s sexiest on a guy: Eeeeeeeerr... Is there any safe way to answer this? XD
    -What’s sexiest on a girl: usually hair and eyes. The nose comes in third.
    -Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: I lift it with my fork and shove it in with no special treatment.
    -What utensils do you use eating pizza: Delivery uses the All mighty Swiss Army Hand, and for home made, I have been known to use a fork and knife.
    -Do you cook: I'd like to know how.


    -How often do you brush your teeth: Two times a day.
    -Do you shower/bathe: Once a day keeps the rats, lice, creepy kids, cockroaches, stench, sticky feeling, and chaffing away.
    -How long do these showers last: Half an hour usually.
    -Hair drying method: Three shotglasses, a tuning fork, a lawn chair, some nail clippers, a car battery, and the all mighty life draining warrior known as towel.
    -Do you swear: What the hell do you think this is, Gone with the Wind?
    -Do you pee in the shower: Seeing how there's a toilet right beside it, no.
    -What color is your bedroom: Dark blue.
    -Do you use an alarm clock: Yes, but it's set to the radio.
    -Name four things or people you're obsessed with: Friends, army, the occult and supernatural, assorted small arms and certain electric powered instruments with strings.
    -What’s your sleeping position: On my right side facing my window.
    -What kind of bed do you like: Big enough to require directions and that you can sink into without squeeking or hurting your back.
    -In hot weather do you use a blanket: I remove layers according to weather the air conditioning is activated.
    -Do you talk in your sleep: Probably. It sounds like something I'd try to do. XD
    -Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: I feel paranoid about leaving things on.


    Had sex: o.o Can't say I had sex a last time or a first time.
    Watched Bambi: How can I remember that beast? o.O
    Cried: I chose to let it slip my mind.
    Talked on the phone: Few hours ago.
    Read a book: A few hours ago.


    Is music important to you: It lets me live with my rather messed mind.
    Do you sing: Horribly, but none the less I like to.
    What do you think of Eminem:I think he is a very talented individual who just takes part in a style of music I dislike greatly. If you actually heard him sing-sing, not rap, you wouldn't believe it's the same person. He's very incredibly talented singing. o.O
    In your opinion what band is the best of all time: In success, the Beatles. For starting from garage gigs and such I'd probably say Metalica.

    Pop music: No. No. NO.
    Rock music: Yesh.
    Punk music: Something about it just seems to click with me.
    Rap music: It can burn in hell. It'd help if it had meaningful and good lyrics most of the time.
    Hip-hop/RB: It can burn in hell too. Expecially that milkshake song. It sucks.
    Country: It's up the foodchain from urban crap mentioned in the pervious two slots, but it still hurts to listen to.
    Jazz: Too monotone and boring in my opinion. I also don't like trumpets and saxophones very much when they are played that way.
    Classical: Only a few songs I can safely say I like. Such as Wagner. o.O
    New age: It's alright.
    Hardcore: I've grown used to it..
    Indie rock: Catchy
    Emo: o_O
    Game: Ohh yeah.

    -WITH THE OPPOSITE (and same for me, YO) SEX-

    What do you notice first? : Eyes and hair
    Easiest to talk to: o_O There's a few.


    Could you live without the computer?: Probably. I'm growing less attached.
    What’s your favorite fruit?: Cherry.
    What hurts the most? Physical or emotional pain?: Depends. Usually emotional pains last longer.
    Trust others way too easily? Yeah. o.O

    - NUMBER-

    Of times you have had your heart broken? Twice
    Of hearts you have broken? *ahem*
    Of girls kissed? One
    Of boys kissed? Zero
    Of drugs taken illegally? None
    Of tight friends? I have a really close group of friends. o.O Around 8 of us.
    Of CD's owned? Too little... over 20 maybe.


    I know: A lot. But somethings pass me by.
    I want: To make myself and my friends happy.
    I have: The best friends any person could ask for.
    I wish: For every day to be saturday.
    I hate: Racist fuckers and people with no heed to outside their own well being. And smoke. That bugs me. A lot. Harmph.
    I miss: The good old days, before I went to Vietnam... wait...
    I fear: Being alone
    I hear: Too many rumours, toooooooooooooo many. @@
    I love: My familly, friends, and country
    I ache: In my stomach. o.O
    I care: Too much yet too little somedays
    I always: Try to do things for the best.
    I dance: Badly. Ever sooooo badly...
    I cry: When I've done something horribly wrong.
    I write: When I'm modivated.
    I confuse: Myself. Moreso than others.
    I can usually be found: At home, at a friend's. My secret lair... you heard NOTHING
    Have you ever played a game that required removal of clothing: Once. Didn't go far. XD

    -ARE YOU A...-

    Wuss: Not quite
    Druggie: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way jose.
    Gang member: No, mutha fucka.
    Daydreamer: Yes. They hold me over until night dreams.
    Alcoholic: Nopes.
    Freak: Not really. o.O I'm just o.d.d.
    Brat: Maybe. o.O
    Sarcastic: Yup. I love it.
    Goody-goody: O.o Can't say I think I am.
    Angel: Perhaps one who hasn't exactly kept a halo. I just want wings, dernit.
    Devil: I'm not an imp.
    Friend: I sure hope so somedays.
    Shy: Some days when I'm in an odd siduation.
    Adventurous: I wish I could go do more.
    Intelligent: I think I'm fairly good on the brain department.


    Your best feature [personality]: Humour
    Most annoying thing you do: Act before I think
    Biggest mistake you've made this far: Heh... I'd rather not go into that.
    Describe your personality in one word: Odd
    A smell that makes you smile: Salty air
    A city you'd like to visit: Berlin or Dublin
    A drink you order most often: Cherry coke
    The music you prefer while alone: Whatever's convinient.
    A TV show you watch regularly: Familly guy..simpsons
    You live in: Suburbia

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