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Tyler "Snifit" Paul (lycanthorp) wrote,
@ 2004-03-27 12:50:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:Freiflug/Freefly - Megaherz

    Movies and things
    Last night I got to meet up with my friend Christina in Newmarket, in which we went to the movies and saw 'Secret Window'. I walked away impressed. It's one of those movies that are extremely well done, and you really do enjoy it, but it's something you wouldn't really go out and buy. I can see it becoming a TV special. If you enjoy Stephen King's work and don't care for action, but a thriller with a sort of pessimistic humour that is Johnny Depp, then I recommend you go see it.

    Other than that, I cleaned today and am waiting Kevin's call.

    Oh, I found the translation to that song I've been sending around. Good song, good band.

    Freeflight - Megaherz (Yay. Found the translation)

    Just a bit more
    a little bit
    The bridge is burning
    No way back
    No fear of eternity
    for the end is not far

    High time
    now I've got to go
    We will see each other again soon
    This addiction has plagued me long enough
    it is taking my strength

    And I fly, and I fly, and I fly
    Every night, I lift off
    And I fly, and I fly, and I fly
    Tonight, I lift off
    I fly free

    A little step
    It's child's play
    Ah - infinite ease
    Rather safe in death than alone in life
    Can longing be sin

    Only a step left, straight ahead
    I spread out my arms
    A last greeting, a last kiss
    What a victory

    I jump off
    There's nothing wrong with it
    Soon I'll be out
    Soon I'll be free
    I'm alive like never before
    in my mind

    Every night, I lay awake
    Every night, I am high
    Every night, I lift off
    Tonight, I fly free

    Every night, I rise
    Every night, I stand up
    Every night, I am high
    Tonight, I fly free

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