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Tyler "Snifit" Paul (lycanthorp) wrote,
@ 2004-02-23 07:20:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Numb - Linkin Park

    Super long survay thing that took two days to fill!
    I took this from zee Lisa's journal

    Oh. And Kevin and I are fierce Quiddage players... indeed...

    Number: 4,6
    Color: Dark green
    Place: Very warm beaches and places with palm trees. o.O
    State/Province: Florida for the US, and I liked Nova Scotia a lot.
    Country: Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Ireland
    Book: Ender’s Shadow
    Game: Rainbow Six series, Quiddage World Cup, Half-Life, Call of Duty
    Drug: I fucking hate the idea of that fucking garbage. It only supports terrorism because that’s where the crap is grown… terrorist countries
    Movie: Underworld, Saving Private Ryan
    Store: If it has a slushie machine…
    Magazine: Soldier of Fortune, PC Gamer
    CD: I have a few.
    Singer: Umm… o.O

    ---Do You---
    Cut yourself: Never intentionally for negative reason.
    Take meds you shouldnt: Nopes.
    Lick yourself: If I have food on my arm or something…
    Whine a lot: Only when I’m pissy.
    Yell a lot: Not a lot.
    Hate a lot of people: I hate people in general…
    Have too many friends: You can’t have too many friends.
    Want to die: I really don’t think suicide solves –anything-. Let’s quote Ginger Snaps! “Suicide is like the ultimate FUCK YOU!”
    Believe in life after death: Yup.
    Go to church: * hiss* I hate the concept of religion.
    Love school: It’s alright.
    Have sex: Nope.
    Smoke: Fuck you. That’s gross.
    Do drugs: ^
    Wear dark colors: I have a few dark coloured pieces of clothing I wear often, but usually there’s earth toneish things

    Try to be different: That’s like trying to change yourself to fit in, it’s no better.
    Have any piercings: None.
    Break bones a lot: Never have.
    Watch porn: I used to occasionally, now it’s very rare.
    Dye your hair: Never have.

    ---Have you ever----
    Kissed someone: Yup. One of the most memorable days of my life, my first one. o.O
    Had sex: Nope.
    Frenched someone: Nope.
    Attempted suicide: I rarely even considered it before…
    Killed someone: Even if someone did, why would they put it here? To answer the question, no.
    Been raped: No.
    Shopped for condoms: No, but I imagine I’d do it for laughs. XD
    Smoked: No.
    Gotten Drunk: I got buzzed a couple times, but not drunk.
    Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Yes… my ears…
    Left the country: For vacation? Yes.
    Had a party with over 30 people: No.
    Taken nude pictures: No. o.O
    Taped yourself having sex: Then what? Sell it on the internet? XD
    Stolen something: I’d rather work for my inventory, thank you.
    Ran away from home: About three times. Kind of pointless, really.
    Burned yourself: Yup. I have a couple scars.
    Caught something on fire: YES.
    Cheated on someone: Cheaters deserve to die.
    Wanted to cheat on someone: Fuck no.
    Asked someone out: Yup.
    Been dumped: I think of it as “laid-off”. We’re still really good friends.
    Dumped someone: Never.
    Had a dream then the next day it happens: Yeah, except it ends up being sometime in the next few months/ years.
    Called a porn hotline: I was bored and I was with the guys. We called Coca-Cola and said their machine ate our quarter and gave us a pepsi or something…

    ---Pick One---
    Cat/Dog: Dog
    White/Black: Black
    Hot/Cold: The heat is preferable.
    Far/Near: Far
    Water/Land: I love my Hydrogen Oxide.
    Kiss/Sex: I’d have to say both could be taken better, but seeming how I’ve only really kissed someone and it means more… Kiss.
    Online/Phone: Online. No odd silences there.
    Beer/Book: Books make you smarter. Beer makes you fatter.
    Novel/Poetry: Both are good. O.o
    Music/Silence: Music usually, but it’s hard to think clearly without it being perfectly quiet

    ---Your Perfect mate---
    Short/Long Hair: Whatever they preferred. I usually lean towards the far end of short to the far end of medium length.
    Tall/Short: Doesn’t really matter… I just make jokes if I’m taller sometimes. XD But short people are cool. They can also kick your ass. Don’t be fooled.
    Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: Fuck the stereotypes. These ones are fucking lame.
    Freckles/No Freckles: Freckles are distracting. I don’t like them a lot. O.o The occasional one adds to people sometimes.
    Hair Color: I like darker hair most of the time.
    Fat/Thin: Average. You know, not worrying obsessively about their weight or chowing down to a bucket of ice cream daily?
    Makeup/No Makeup: I usually like no make up more, but very little amounts bring out details.
    Dressy/Casual: Casual, though for formal occasions I’d expect the person dress nicely if that’s what you mean.
    Holding hands/Holding other body parts: Holding feet! =D *shot *

    ---Last person---
    You Touched: o.O I pet my doggies…
    You Talked to: Dad.
    You Hugged: Some parent or other.
    You Kissed: She knows who.
    You Instant messaged: Jeshi!
    You Yelled @: Is it so hard to hit “a and t” instead of holding down shift to make the fucking address sign? In any case, probably Terry.
    You had sex with: Nobody.
    You made love with: o_O * blinks *
    You told you loved: My parents I think.
    You hung out with: Kevin. He rules.

    ---Are you---
    Understanding: I’m unique and above most people.
    Open-minded: More or less.
    Arrogant: Extremely. * shot *
    Insecure: Not really.
    Interesting: People are amused by me some days.
    Hungry: Not right now.
    Smart: Yeah.
    Moody: Can be.
    Childish: I have my moments.
    Hard working: I put my all into my tasks.
    Organized: In my own way.
    Healthy: Yes.
    Emotionally Stable: Yup.
    Shy: some things, yes.
    Difficult: I’m generally easy going.
    Attractive: Some people say I am. O.o
    Bored Easily: I can fight it off.
    Messy: My room looks like it’s gone through a Cold War gone wrong.
    Thirsty: I always am.
    Responsible: Tend to be.
    Obsessed: GOLLUM! GOLLUM!

    What is your full name:: Tyler Brent Paul
    Spell your first name backwards:: Relyt
    Date of birth:: June 04, 1988
    Male or female:: Guy.
    Astrological sign:: Gemini. Unlike my father before me.
    Nicknames:: Snifit, Wraithlord, T-man, Tree-Bitch…
    Occupation:: Studat!
    Height:: 6’03”
    Weight:: 156 lbs.
    Hair color:: Dark Brown.
    Eye color:: Hazel, leaning on the green side.
    Where were you born:: Orillia.
    Where do you reside now:: Bradford.
    Screen names:: Snifit, Wraithlord
    E-mail addy:: Look hard.
    What does your screen name stand for:: Justice and all things holy like doughnuts and Swiss Cheese and rings and things!… okay, it has nothing to stand for…
    What is your greatestjournal name:: Don’t have one. It’s my blurty. Lycanthrop… forgot to put the e.
    What does your greatestjournal name stand for:: o.O Lycanthorp is pretty much big and funky term for werewolf. I really need to edit my name…
    Pets:: Couple dogs.
    Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake:: 15
    Piercings:: Zero.
    Tattoo's:: Zero.
    Shoe size:: 13 wide mens.. Bismarck and Nimitz.
    Righty or lefty:: Right side.
    Wearing:: Button up shirt with combat pants.
    Hearing:: Mah laundry
    Feeling:: Full. I have a headache.
    Eating/drinking:: Drinking

    Guys/Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff
    Have you ever been in love:: Hard to say.
    How many people have you said: What the hell? O.O
    How many people have you been in REAL love with:: Can’t really say, none I guess.
    How many people have you kissed:: Outside family, one.
    Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex:: Nope.
    How many people have you dated:: Uno.
    What do you look for in a guy/girl:: Personality, sense of purpose, independence, and humour.
    What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex:: Body language, and social behavior. Actually speaking to them their eyes.
    What type of guy/girl do you usually go for:: o.O Look above.
    Do you have a crush right now:: Yar. O.o
    If so who is it:: Those who need to know will know if they ask and I trust them enough to tell them something in that area.
    Do you believe in love at first sight:: It’s not real love, but there’s definitely affection like that.
    Do you remember your first love:: o.O No.
    Who is the first person you kissed:: They know.
    Do you believe in fate:: Yeah, but you can alter it’s path some.
    Do you believe in soul mates:: No two people are destined for each other, unless they were plopped down together this time around. But no.
    If so do you believe you'll ever find yours:: I’ll find somebody.

    Family Stuff
    How many siblings do you have:: One.
    What are your siblings names:: Sarah.
    What are your parents names:: Steve and Judy.
    How many siblings does your mother have:: Three, not including her.
    How many siblings does your father have:: A sister.
    Where are your parents from:: Ontario
    Is your family close:: Yesh. I’m probably the most distant one…
    Does your family get together for holidays:: Yup!
    Do you have a drunk uncle:: …Not anymore.
    Any medical problems run through your family:: Bad toes.
    Does someone in your family wear a toupee:: No, thank crike. XD
    Do you have any nieces or nephews:: No. I’m the youngest. O.O
    Are your parents divorced:: Nein.
    Do you have step parents:: Nein
    Has your family ever disowned another member of your family:: Nope.
    Did some of your family come to America from another country:: None of my family is native. Most of my family comes from Germany.
    What song do you swear was written about you or your life:: The song I have yet to find. O.O
    What's the most embarrassing cd you own:: Used to be Prozak, but no longer!
    What's the best cd you own:: AFI: Sing the Sorrow.
    What song do you absolutely hate:: Anything I don’t like. Mostly stuff where people have the titles spelled incorrectly and shit like that. And it’s crap music too.
    Do you sing in the shower:: Yes.
    What song reminds you of that special someone:: o.O STOP ASKING ME ABOUT RELATING SONGS TO PEOPLE!

    Okay, I Name An Artist And You Give A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs!
    Pink:: “don’t let it get me.” Or something
    Madonna:: I’m gonna die/another day…
    Korn:: Are you ready?
    Backstreet Boys:: Backstreet’s back… oh crap
    The Beatles:: When you say goodbye/ I say hello
    Sublime:: Wha…
    J.Lo:: o.O Umm..
    *Nsync:: “I wanna go to the moon because my name is Lance so I trust the former Soviet Air Colonels to make me dance!”
    Limp Bizkit:: Now I know why you wanna hate me
    Stacie Orrico:: My name is Stacie?
    Creed:: My sacrifice.
    Britany Spears:: “Imma slaaaaaaaaaaaaaave for you..” * overly orgasmic screams *
    Good Charlotte:: Hold on if you feel like letting go, hold on it’s better than you know.
    Christina Aguilera:: I’m a genie in a bottle, baby, gotta rub me the right way honey –on my clitoris-(shoot me now. TV’s rotted my cranium)
    Eminem:: Lose yourself in the music…
    Kelly Clarkson:: I may have been made in a factory, but I’m all woman. Need precious oils… danger… danger…
    Kelly Osbourne:: “I ride daddy’s fame because I would have never made it here if he wasn’t famous!”
    Mandy Moore:: “Watch as I fondle myself 17 times this video…”
    Eve:: o.o
    Aaliyah:: “My plane had too much useless luggage and we forgot to check the manual, the pilot tried to fly a freight train, now we’re a burning pile of rubble…”
    Nelly:: “It’s getting dumb in here, so dumb I undress you with my eyes…”
    Alicia Keys:: What Lisa said.
    Incubus:: Floatin' round my brain, tryin' to think about the other thing.

    Color:: Green, blue, black, tan
    Food:: FREEZIES
    Song:: Linkin Park - Numb
    Show:: JAG, CSI, Familly Guy
    School subject:: History and music
    Band/singer/artist:: AFI
    Animal:: Wolves, Coyotes, Wolverines, Chinchillas, Tucans, Puffins, geckoes
    Outfit:: Button- up short sleeved shirts
    Radio station:: Edge 102 and Q-107 for John Derenger
    Movie:: Underworld, Saving Private Ryan
    Pair of shoes:: My combat boots
    Cartoon:: Family Guy
    Actor:: Cuba Gooding Jr., Ahnold, Willem Dafoe
    Actress:: Lucy Lu.
    Potato chip:: All-Dressed
    Drink:: Slushies
    Soda:: Cherry Coke
    Holiday:: Halloween
    Perfume/cologne:: That stuff is worse than chlorine gas…
    Pizza topping:: bacon or pineapples
    Jello flavor:: As long as it’s made with sprite instead of water, anything
    Lunch meat:: Roast Beef
    Card Game:: Bullshit or Black Jack
    Video game:: Half-Life
    Book:: Ender’s Shadow
    Computer game:: Half-Life
    Number:: 4’6
    Cereal:: Raison Bran, Lucky Charms, Apple Cinnamon cheerio’s, frosted cheerio’s
    Comedian:: Ryan Stiles
    Dessert:: Lolas or éclairs
    Disney character:: Chum or Bruce or Anchor the sharks!
    Clothing store:: Zellers
    Past time:: Videogames
    Teacher:: Mister Jasek
    Childhood toy:: My army men
    Carnival game/ride:: The one that presses you against the wall.
    Candy bar:: Reese’s Pieces bits
    Magazine:: Soldier of Fortune, PC Gamer
    Salad dressing:: French
    Thing to do on the weekend:: Sleepovers and sthuff
    Hot drink:: I hate hot drinks.
    Season:: Late Spring
    Sport to watch:: PAINTBALL!
    Person to talk to online:: My close friends
    Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits
    What color are your bedroom walls:: Dark blue
    Do you have posters on your wall:: used to. Now it’s a F4 Phantom picture that has red stars… o.O Is it Russian?
    If so of what:: O.o
    Do you have a tv in your bedroom:: No
    How many pillows are on your bed:: Deux
    What do you normally sleep in:: * AHEM *
    Describe your favorite pair of pajamas:: >.>’
    What size bed do you have:: Single I think…
    Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed:: A really honking tall bed.
    Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom:: Two phones, one died. O.o
    Describe the last nightmare you had:: I can’t remember
    Do you sleep with stuffed animals:: My body pillow. Martha the catfische.
    How many people can sleep comfortably in your bed:: Comfortably? One. The others may suffer from vertigo. XD Any unusual sleeping positions:: on my side, usually always facing the curtains. O.o
    Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling:: Thank god no.
    Do you snore:: Probably.
    How about drool:: Once on the bus back home from Kingston, my head was against the seat in front of me. XD
    Do you have an alarm clock in your room:: Yesh
    What color is the carpet in your room:: Grey
    What's under your bed:: lots of junk. O.O

    This or that
    loser/wannabe:: Loserkid!
    Doughnuts/bagels:: Bagels
    Day/night:: I like sunset time. O.o
    Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west:: Northside, yo. And Since I’m a guy. It’d be Warlock.
    Heaven/hell:: Can I stay in limbo?
    Make love/have sex:: Love, it’s in you to give.
    Coffee/tea:: I’m a tea person.
    Hamburgers/hotdogs:: MEEEEEEEEEEEAT!
    Rap/rock:: Rock, it’s what we’re all about…
    Britney/Christina:: Suicide! =D
    Swiss cheese/american cheese:: *Gags *
    Real World/Road Rules:: o_o
    Backstreet Boys/*Nsync:: Jumping off a bridge
    Silver/gold:: Silver. It’s pretty, and it’s Ag as opposed to Au.
    Nike/Adidas:: Adidas
    McDonalds/Taco Bell:: Taco Bell. DONG!
    Sweet/sour:: Sweet. But sour helps screw me up. XD
    Punk/emo:: Punk
    Hot/cold:: Heat
    Winter/summer:: Summer
    Spring/fall:: Spring
    Operas/plays:: Plays.
    Read/watch tv:: Reading
    Cd's/tapes:: CDs are current generation and much easier to use.
    Dvd's/vhs:: VHS only because my DVD player is in the family room.
    Old/new:: I hold onto both values.
    Shorts/skirts:: I don’t wear either…
    Pink/red:: Red. Coats!
    Colored pictures/black and white photos:: Colour
    Meat/vegetables:: THE FLESH OF THE VANQUISHED!… err… meat.
    Mexican food/chinese food:: Indonesian.
    Commercials/infomercials:: Shove it.
    Scary movies/comedies:: They aren’t the same?
    Bikinis/one piece bathing suits:: o.o I wear trunks…
    Sandals/tennis shoes:: SANDALS YO!
    Dogs/cats:: Doooooooooogies!
    Unicorns/fairies:: I’m half and half.
    Water/land:: Water
    Sugar/spice:: Suggah.
    Black/white:: Black.
    ribbons/bows:: You can make bows with ribbons.
    Chicken/beef:: THE MOOO!
    Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights:: Coloured.
    Cars/trucks:: Trucks
    Austin Powers/James Bond:: Austin Powers. He was cooler.
    Popcorn/pretzels:: Popcorn!
    Hip/hop:: Where’s the bunny?
    Passionate kiss/peck:: Passion’s in fasion
    Back rub/foot massage:: back rub, though I’m ticklish as hell
    Picture frames/photo albums:: Albums. They bring back memories.
    Pens/pencils:: Pencil
    What Is Your Opinion Of The Following
    Eminem:: I don’t like rap, but I can tolerate some of his songs.
    Virgins:: Who really cares if they are or not?
    God:: Doesn’t exist.
    The Osbournes:: Never watched the show. It seems like a reality show.
    Reality TV:: I hate.
    J.Lo:: Stick to music.
    Religion:: The root of all of the world’s problems.
    Emo music:: Can’t say I listen to it. O.o
    Valentine's Day:: Manufactured.
    Christina Aguilera's comeback:: Who gives a flying fuck? Great voice but she’s a skank.
    Homosexuals:: You are who you are, and if you chose to love those of the same sex, it’s not a problem at all. I mean, being homophobic is being uninformed.
    Abortion:: It’s not wrong, per say, but you have to live with the guilt that you killed someone that it was your responsibility to raise, you made the dumb ass mistake of unprotected sex. Rape, however, is a different story…
    Inter-racial relationships:: Why not? People are people, your ethnic origin shouldn’t be a factor.
    Murder:: Only useful on the people that plan it.
    Death:: A minor inconvenience.
    Obesity:: The only reason people should be large is if they have some freak genetic problem, not because they ate too much. It sickens me.
    Pre-marital sex:: Does marriage really matter if you love someone? If it’s a long term relationship with someone you love dearly, I see no problems.
    Terrorism:: Attacks on military or government targets: I can see for underdeveloped nations. Attacks on civilians: Completely disgusting and should be never considered by any person
    Pornography:: If people feel like selling their bodies for money, let them.
    Fortune Tellers:: Need I mention Ms. Cleo?
    Threesomes:: I can’t see the point.
    Prostitution:: You made some wrong choices in life.
    Politics:: Never get anything done..
    Country music:: Funny and odd stuff. I hate it.
    George W. Bush:: Homophobic bastard who’s economically and militarily incompetent.
    Cloning:: Only to recover lost organs. We need not more people, let alone ones that look alike.
    Britney's boobs:: Along the same lines of her no longer claiming she’s a virgin
    Gas prices in America:: How should I know?
    What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?...
    Jack:: of all trades
    Tiffany:: Some girl I know
    Ben:: Peter Parker’s cousin!
    Maria:: Moria. We love you LoTR…
    Jennifer:: Lopez. Hate the name
    Nicole:: Annoying bitch in my math and science class
    Amy:: Can’t think of anything
    Adam:: ‘s apple
    Richard:: Openly gay dude from survivor
    Arnold:: “Cutting down criminals with a laser guided chaingun, for the children!” Gov’r. Ahnold
    Tom:: and Jerry
    Melissa:: Speak this name not to me
    Charlotte:: Makes me think of chocolate…
    Harold:: RED GREEN!
    John:: Clark.. greatest fictional hero ever.
    Joel:: Sounds preppy…
    Vanessa:: Sounds rich bitch
    Michelle:: Could be masculine in French…
    Kevin:: SQUIRILLS!
    Brent:: My middle name
    Jake:: Davidsky. Really good friend of mine back in the day
    Billy:: Talent
    Sarah:: Mah sister
    Natalie:: McClung. O.O
    Christy:: Reminds me of Christina
    Nick:: A guy in my music class
    Linda:: Neighbour
    Taylor:: What Steve McLeod calls me a lot of the time… XD
    Jordan:: A country in Afrika (spelled the German way!)
    Jamie:: guy I worked with in shop
    Adrian:: Friend of mine on message board
    Have You Ever....
    Mooned anyone:: No
    Been on a diet:: Not to lose weight, to keep me from having stomach aches
    Been to a foreign country:: Multiple occasions
    Broken a bone:: Never
    Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling:: My favourite food group.
    Swear at a teacher:: Yes
    Talked to a Blurty member via emails or instant messages:: Yes
    Got in a fight:: Yeah
    Dated a teacher:: I should slap you for even thinking that one up.
    Laughed so hard you peed your pants:: It better be really funny when that happens…
    Thought about killing your enemy:: No one will miss them… >.>
    Gone skinny dipping:: Yup.
    Met another Blurty member in the flesh:: Yesh. Most on my list are my personal close friends
    Told a little white lie:: Lying keeps you alive
    Told a secret you swore not to tell:: No
    Stolen anything:: I work for my stuff.
    Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid:: All the honking time!
    Been on TV:: YES! On the Road again when they went to Kandalore (ask Aaron.)
    Been on the radio:: Nope
    Been in a mosh pit:: No
    Been to a concert:: Left Behind and other bands including Dead Letter Dept. o.O
    Dated one of your best friends:: Yup
    Loved someone so much it makes you cry:: O.o Not sure
    Deceived somebody close to you:: Depends how you define that
    Broken the law:: I always break the minor unenforced laws.* shifty eyes * like J-walking?
    Been to a rodeo:: COWS! …no…
    Been on a talk show:: No
    Been on a game show:: No
    Been on an airplane:: Never flush those toilets if you don’t feel like having your life flash before your eyes… @@
    Got to ride on a firetruck:: Yeah
    Came close to dying:: Probably
    Cheated on a bf/gf:: No
    Gave someone a piggy back ride:: Yes
    Terrorized a babysitter:: I am hell child. Hear me cry and bitch and moan.
    Made a mud pie:: …?
    Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff:: Yeah. Except the ground was made of jello…
    Snuck out of the house at night:: Too hard in my house. My parents have uber ears.
    Been so drunk you don't remember your name:: No
    Had an eating disorder:: No
    Felt like you didn't belong:: Meh.
    Felt like the 3rd wheel:: Isn’t it fifth wheel?
    Smoked:: Nasty shit
    Done drugs:: Gross
    Been arrested:: No, thankfully
    Had your tonsils removed:: I will soon
    Gone to camp:: Yes
    Won a bet:: A few
    Written a love letter:: Sorta
    Gone out of your way to be with the one you love:: o.O Never really had the chance if I was.
    Written a love poem:: Sorta
    Kissed in the rain:: No
    Slow danced with someone you love:: I’ve never slow danced.
    Participated in an orgy:: … that’s just begging for crabs.
    Faked an orgasm:: It psyches people out when you do it in public
    Stolen a kiss:: o.O
    Asked a friend for relationship advice:: Yes
    Had a friend steal your bf/gf:: o.o No.
    Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love:: o.O No
    Gotten a speeding ticket:: Nope
    Done jail time:: Nope
    Had to wear a uniform to work:: Sorta
    Won a trophy:: Yes
    Thrown up in public:: Yeah. Never eat an orange when you get motion sick from hearing aid things when you’re a kid
    Bowled a perfect game:: Maybe
    Failed/got held back:: O.o Hmm?
    Got perfect attendance in grade school:: No
    Roasted pumpkin seeds:: Ewwwwwww
    Taken ballet/karate lessons:: No
    Attempted suicide:: Never
    Childhood Stuff
    Did you play with Barbies/G.I. Joes:: HELL YES! GO JOE!
    Did you own Treasure Trolls:: I stole their jewels.
    Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210:: No
    Did you play Simon Says:: That game was hard
    Did you watch Fraggle Rock:: Eh?
    Did you wet the bed:: Let’s not discuss this… o.o It’s gross
    Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed:: Only across the hall in my parents room
    Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them:: That’s dumb
    Were you shy:: I wasn’t charismatic either
    Do you believe in aliens:: Not believing in life on other planets in other systems is naïve.
    Name three things that are next to your computer:: Paper, pens, and a stapler
    Do you have any hidden talents:: HEY KIDS! WANNA SEE ME DO A TRICK!? Too bad.
    Do you wish MTV would play music videos:: I wish it wouldn’t have stupid shows
    If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be:: Action, espionage, based on a book, supernatural stuff.
    What would your movie star name be:: My name as it is.
    Do you play any sports:: Paintball
    What's the scariest movie you've ever seen:: Congo when I was five.
    What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently:: Ginger Snaps
    What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen:: Just look at a lot of the crap kids see now adays…
    Do you drive:: No
    What is your dream car:: Hummvee, a tank, a dune buggy, a jeep, or a very fuel efficient and low maintenance car
    Do you think your good looking:: Sure
    Do others think you are good looking:: Some do.
    Would you ever sky dive:: I really don’t want to test my luck. It’s bad.
    Do you believe in Bigfoot:: Have you met my father?
    How many rooms do you have in your house:: Too many to clean
    Are you afraid of roller coasters:: Nope
    Do you believe in God:: No
    Do you believe in Satan:: Nope.
    Do you believe there is a heaven:: No.
    Do you believe there is a hell:: No.
    Do you own a pooltable:: It’s about five inches long…
    Do you have a pool:: I wish
    Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen:: Yes
    Do you like chocolate:: Some of it.
    Who/what is on your 2003 calendar:: o.o
    How many U.S. states have you been to:: 8
    Ever wished on a shooting star:: No
    Best Halloween costume you ever wore:: Mine have all been crap…
    Do you carry any weapons on you:: Once I had my bayonet on me. O.o
    What is your weakness:: Wouldn’t you like to know?
    Name something you can't get enough of:: Oxygen
    Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:: Goofy, analytical, realist
    How many kids do you want to have:: One or two
    Future daughters names:: Julie or Psyche
    Future sons names:: Lucian
    What is your ideal way to die:: Doing something heroic in combat, but preferably dieing from old age.
    How do you release stress:: Punching bag, hand crunches
    Do you consider yourself a trendy person:: Not really
    Are you an artisitic person:: sorta.
    Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off:: No
    Are you a strong willed person:: Yeah.
    Who is the last person to e-mail you:: o.O Ummmas…
    Who is the last person to IM you:: 5 different people…
    Do you hate chain e-mails:: BURN THEM ALL IN HELL! Don’t you love how they say they’ll fuck over your life if you don’t send them to like 1’500 people? Suuuuuuuuuure.
    Are you a deep sleeper:: No
    Are you a good story teller:: Some days
    What do you believe is your best quality:: Personality
    What is your greatest accomplishment:: Helping others through tough times
    Do you like to burn candles or incense:: I’d like to but my mom’s evil like that
    Do you have your own credit card:: No, and I never plan on having one.
    Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?: Save about half of it for taxes and the rest for the occasional leisure activity with friends.
    Do you have a cheque book:: No
    Do you tan easily:: No
    What color is your hair naturally:: Dark brown
    How many fillings do you have:: None
    How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit?: Never had one
    Worst feeling in the world?: Abandonment, unable to fix wrongs
    Best feeling in the world:: Knowing others will be with you until the end of time
    Last thing you downloaded:: o.o Can’t remember
    Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?:: o.o Only jokingly
    What do you think people think of you:: Usually a good guy, funny, but other times down right bothersome, especially with mean comments.
    Do you need therapy:: No
    Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance:: No
    Do you love your bf/gf:: I’m still single
    If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge would they call it FED UP:: What were you smoking to think this up…?
    When are you moving:: After high school.

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2004-02-23 22:34 (link)
Someone mentioned me! :D Much love, Sniffy!

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Re: Yay!
2004-02-24 07:14 (link)
How can I not mention you? You rock too much not to be mentioned. =P Besides, we both have an undying fear of the 'Suutas' >.>

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