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Tyler "Snifit" Paul (lycanthorp) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 07:13:00
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    Current mood: enthralled
    Current music:911 for Peace - Anti-Flag

    What a weekend!
    All I can say to start off was that this has been one of the funnest weekends I've had for a long time. After my history "exam" on Friday, The Roach, Steve, and myself went with Stephanie to help her make some things for Jax's going away party (I'm going to miss her like hell... ;_;). So Roach and I were betting on which one of Stephanie's Angle Cake batters would overflow from their pans in the oven first. (We both lost. Though our bet on righty was the closest, neither overflowed.) She also made very nice rolls that had a lake of sugar and cinnemin floating in the bottom of the plate. More on that in a minute.

    That night was the party. I pull up, and Steph's right behind me, we get out, and the sugar from the damned rolls spilled in her mom's car (ONOS!). I helped her get the stuff inside and then we hung around the basement at Terry's for a bit with everyone, and gave Jax her presents. (Steph made this gorgious doll that looks a hell of a lot like Jax, her Gothic cross, and I gave Jax Ki-Ki (those who I accociate with closely in my home town know what I mean.)

    Dinner was good. Spaghetti. With meatballs. And salad. After that, we had Stephanie's cake and cinnemin buns. Both of which could put a hummingbird into a diabettic comma.

    After that was a game of truth or dare, which I won't go into details with. We'll just say James and Kevin were probably the happiest they've been in their lives. *grins*

    The next day I went to Roach's for the afternoon/night. We played Halo and Rainbow Six 3 and Amped Snowboarding. o.O It was all fun, and I'll admit Halo was a fun... but it wasn't anything I havn't seen before. And Rainbow Six 3 was frustrating as hell. So fucking frustrating...

    Lisa also came to visit. When she headed home, we went to the movie store (which is just across the street from Lisa, so we walked her home too) and rented Jackass. Such amusement.

    We had Tacos at Jason's and together killed like three bottles of pop. And then we went back to Lisa's, and we watched some amusing things on her computer (Freddy the Fox is fucking hystarical). And then we watched Finding Nemo. Then we went back to Roach's house, played games, watched Jackass, then went to bed.

    About two the next day I went home and studied.

    And I need to get back to Splinter Cell. Must. Beat. Game...


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