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Tyler "Snifit" Paul (lycanthorp) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 18:29:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Headline News - "Weird Al" Yankovic

    We have contact!
    YES! THE BLOODY ENGINE STARTED! After months of screwing around with the bloody thing, it finally started... I'm so bloody happy! ^.^ YES YES YES YES!

    Jax was in a super happy mood today, that was good... she needed a day like this. Her and Dylan are officially dating now. They are perfect for each other. ^_^ Unfortunately, she felt bad about stepping on my foot she felt guilty about it all day. I gave her my earned candy from history class to show that I didn't mind and wasn't mad. o.o Poor Jax.

    What else is new in my world? Civics presentation which will probably suck. Oh well, I did my part. I should get an alright mark on it. Hope for the best!

    Dylan came over today and insisted we played Axis and Allies. Guess who won? o.O He picked the game up pritty fast for a crappy explanation. o.o Still didn't save him though. He called it off eventually. =P Poor Dylan. Poor poor Dylan. I shall teach you better one day! Don't worry... you still schooled me at intellivision. I conciter this my bitter sweet revenge. =P

    I picked up the new Tom Clancy novel off my dad, Teeth of the Tiger. So far so good...

    That is all comrades.

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2003-11-04 19:55 (link)
Civics presentations ALL suck! You're class is only doing them now? I got mine done with today.. And i sucked horribly. It was easily the worst presentation I'd ever done. People in class wouldn't shut up and I kept stuttering. Here's how I sounded:

"There are wars because.. uhh.. because... yeah... because..." and so on.

By the end I was like o.O;;; Hopefully you'll do better with yours. My civics mark right now is a 92, I'm hoping that doesn't drag it down too much.. o.O

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2003-11-05 07:03 (link)
Well, we're done now... our presentation would have merrited at least a 70 if we didn't have Jeff or Kevin, who both don't know diddly squat about their roles. I used the worlds "and stuff." A lot. o_o I agree. Worst presentation EVAH! My civies mark was like 86... we'll see how this sucker of a presentation presents with epic porportions "RETURN OF THE GULITINE OF THE MARKS!" The horror! The maddness! THE INANE PROBLEM OF THE WHOLE THING! Starts Friday at select theaters everywhere.

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