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lxl baby x mCg lxl (lxlbrittneelxl) wrote,
@ 2003-04-07 16:06:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:*.amAnDa pErEz.*aNgeL.*

    *.tOday kInDa sUcKed...OoO weLL tHe onLy gOoD tHInG tHat hApPeNeD tOday is tHaT im prOlLy gOin wIf saMaR tO tHe 8tH gRaDe dAnCe loL yAyER i gOt*z a daTe.*1sT peRiOd wE jUsT sAt thErE n taLkEd bOuT hOw keTh iS gOiN tO bE in 8th gRaDE aGaIn LOl...hE lIkE sTaRtEd fReaKing out.* 2nd PerIod wE tOOk nOtEs n shIt*3Rd pErIoD wE tOoK OuR LAST READING PSSA lOL n 4th pErIoD wE had Art...i fInIsHed my pRoJeCt tHeN saT tHeRE n taLkEd tO erIc.*5th PeriOd wE weNt ovEr OUr wAr of 1812 shIt...n wErE cHaNgInG OuR sEaTs tOmOrrOw fO tHe 4th marKiNg PeRIoD((thIs yEaR weNt bY tO damn fast))6Th pErIod wE fInIsHed tHe other half of our ReaDing PsSa loL yayEr 7tH pErIoD i hAd shOp n wE jUsT fInIsHed uP oUr cArS n rAcEd eM...gOttA 92 lOl
    aFtEr skOoL
    LacRoSsE gOt caNceLLed....sO afTER skOoL mE n sWeEnEy waLkEd kInDa tHe OPPOSITE wAy oF wHeRe wE lIve bEcaUsE wE thOuGhT tHeRe wAs gOnnA bE a fIgHt bUt tHe kId nEva shOwEd n shIt...sO we aLL hAd tO waLk hOmE tHen i wAs aT sWeEnEy*z fO a LiL bIt tO gEt mY paNts tHeN lEft.* weLLim Out i gOttA dO a rePoRt i*LL uPdaTe laTeR mC*g

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