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lxl baby x mCg lxl (lxlbrittneelxl) wrote,
@ 2003-03-21 19:12:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:*.aMaNdA pErEz.*aNgeL...LoL oBsEsSed wIt tHe sOng.*

    *.mY dAy.*
    Math was still gay, like usual...* ah science was cRaZeE bOriNg !* we had to do this lab thing...n wE hAd tO dO pSsA sHiT....tHe fuKiN PSSA sHiT bLoWs OuT tHe aSs!* blahh * SO funny ! * Mrs. Kimble's class was gay, like usual.... we dId PSSA ShIt ... tHaTs LiKe ALL wE dO anymOrE* OmG MuSiC wAs aNotHer fUkIn sToRy wE aLL dId*nt dO oUr mUsIc PrOjEcTs n wE gOt iN fUkIn tRoUbLe fOr iT...n tHen pOoR cArOlYn dId LIkE eVeRywUn*s iN tHE dAmN cLaSsRoOmS *mInI*sToRyBoaRd....bUt fUkIn mRs*bRaKin wOuLd*nt *ACCEPT* em ...dUn wOrRy cArR i*LL kEeP mInE LoL... n tHEn caRr gOt kIkEd oUt ...mE n bOb bOtH dEcIdEd tHaT mRs*bRacKin*z a stOnEr ....cUz of HeR eYeS LoL umm Social, we talked i forget...! lol * In Kimbles room.....we ughh dId nUfFin sHe leFt tHe rOoM n mIzZ gLyNn haD tO waTcH uS....pReTtY fUnNY shIt....wE wErE sTrEsSInG hEr Out....LoL ...uM nExT wE hAd gYm n wE PlaYeD vOLLeYbaLL...yAyER...LoL j/p i cAn*t PlAy fO ! * aNyWaYz aFtasKOoL i hAd LacRoSsE iT acTuaLLy waS prEtTy fUn ......sInCe wE onLi hAVe lIkE 12 PlaYeRs aNywAy fOr 8tH gRaDE ...OoO weLL
    well, ima gOin oUt ......mC*g

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2003-03-21 22:51 (link)
brittnay u faggot muffin! u never comment meh :(

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