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Michelle (lv2smile23) wrote,
@ 2003-07-01 08:02:00
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    Today is my day off, and let's just say I'm heading to Hatteras with Kyle in about an hour. The weather is supposed to be kind of cruddy today, but we'll see. Hopefully the sunshine will come through, I know he just wants to surf, so maybe the break will be good enough for him to do that. I am definitely glad I met Kyle, he makes me feel like life isn't flying by as quickly as it really is. When we hang out it's as if time just stops completely and we can enjoy wherever it is that we are and I don't have time to think about the things that upset or worry me. Anyway I am not sure where that is headed and I kind of like it that way, but nonetheless he is very good looking and the tan, sexy blue eyes, blonde spiky hair, white boardshorts, and that oh-so-nice surfer build most definitely do it for me. I'll just lay out in my new bikini (YES! I finally got a new one that fits the upper portions of my body) or possibly hit some waves with him-we'll just have to see. I made some PBJs for us to have on the beach so we don't have to spend money-besides that is my favorite thing anyway! When we get back I am sure we'll hang out for a bit, kick it up with Corona or Heineken and then all I know is I am coming home to shower and then out with Molly! We were thinking Hooters for dinner and Dixie's Tavern for the evening..2 dollar cover..not so bad, huh-but we might end up at The Wave for 80's night---whoo hoo!!! wherever we go it will be tons of fun, you just didn't hear about the scandals of the bar dancing at Bar Norfolk last Wednesday...hehe hopefully this will be just as enjoyable. (By the way at Bar, I definitely rubbed up against Steven from the Real World Las Vegas and I just haven't been the same since--just kidding I am not that excited about it-but I couldn't resist saying it.) But if it was Brad Pitt, it would be a completely different story! Okay so I am off to Hatteras and to the beautiful sunshine now, so I will see you later! Have a good day and wear your suncscreen...the UV index is ridiculous for the day! XOXO

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