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Michelle (lv2smile23) wrote,
@ 2003-07-10 00:41:00
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    Today was a normal day....internship 9-12, work 3-8...yay...haha and then I came home and watched a movie with Katie and Ange..How to lose a guy in ten was such a good movie..I laughed the whole time..oh wait a minute, I always do that! ;) Anyway, not much going on friend Will is having this party this weekend and so we'll see...he wants me to go...but I know Molly is also having people over, so I invited him there-so I'll guess we'll see where I end up. I don't know, he seems to get on some of my friends' nerves, but I don't know why...he's a good kid. Anyway, can't make people like ya so I guess you should never try! :) Really excited about Friday night...I am going to Isle of Capri, and it's one of my long as it's not a table by the window (bad luck). ;) We are taking my aunt that is here from Baton Rouge--she's not quite used to Italians...hehe...she's on my mom's side and is VERY southern..those southern belles just rock my socks though..they are so cute-but I sure hope she enjoys it because I'll be getting my manicotti....mmmm! Talked to John-o today, I really miss my New Yawker...but hopefully he'll get off the island and meet me halfway sometime soon....and I hope his girlfriend Tatiana comes too because I love her...she is the greatest...she's really good for him which is a great thing because John and I always make sure we are with someone deserving of us...that's how we do it (he thinks I am lyring to him and that I am really from the island). I also talked to Amy, Emmy, and Chris and we are most definitely going to see Kenny this Sunday and I am bringing my concert buddy Katie....Chris is bringing all of his buddies so the heat will definitely be cranked up..hehe...I told Chris to bring one for me..he won't "remember" though---just because he wants to make out with me..oh wait--check that one..hehe :) Anyway, I am off to bed, gotta go run some errands early in the morn before I head to work...yet another long day...but you know this is the first time in awhile that I've been satisfied with the way my life is heading--so I really can't wait to get back to school and start on a clean slate...although I am trying to figure out why this is happening so suddenly and why now...but maybe sometimes I shouldn't wonder why and should just let myself be satisfied..after all, we all deserve that, right? I think I am beginning to believe so. Hey, wow, I am finally listening to my own advice... :) Sweet dreams and hugs and kisses everyone.

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