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Leila (luvs_cmplctd) wrote,
@ 2003-09-11 20:51:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Jock Jams - cheerleading songs

    Yeah, mmm.....ok.
    Yeah, so Im like so stupid. Mhm...for real. Yeah. So Ive been online for like an hour and no one wants to talk to me. Um hu. Yeah I feel so unloved.

    BrunnettBabe89: Thanks, I feel so loved
    STuee77: Well ur not.
    BrunnettBabe89: THANKS!
    STuee77: np
    STuee77: Im a young cruel man.
    BrunnettBabe90: You mean OLD cruel man!

    PiNkCaPrIs4 1 14: well bust my bottoms and serve me a hot dog LEIA WANTS TO BE A REAL BOY

    Yeah, Im just really bored so Im gunna just right random things.

    DeDiCaTeD tO pAm (SiNcE tHeRe Is No GuY i LiKe EnOuGh To DeDiCaTe It To!)

    I was free when we met, you were eating a burrito with a girl, some brunette, at Eldarosco's. Then ya smiled like ya knew that someday we'd be together, and together we were for a while.........

    Don't shake your head from left to right, sayin that your changin' on now your on my side, cause you just want what you want, some lucky charm and its the game that you played so Im movin on! As If, Im ever gunna take you back, As If, it's ever gunna come to fast, so be a dear, disappear. Maby Im not being Clear. As If Im gunna let you break my heart again, as if im gunna let your love back, in my life not tonight, get a grip, baby as if...

    hehe...I Love you Pam! (in a totally non-gay way!) hehe BFFAEAE4L!!!

    Dedicated to Courtney, hehe A.J.!

    Isn't she lovely? Isnt she wonderful? Isnt she precious? Less than one minute old. I never felt, through love would be, makin one as lovely, as she, but isnt she lovely, made from love. Isnt she pretty? Truly the angel better. Boy Im so happy, we have been heaven blessed. I cant believe what god has done. Through once hes gunna love to one, so very lovely. Made from LOVE!

    haha, I know you just love A.J.!!!! lol, FRIENDS 4 LIFE!

    ok well ill update more dedications to my friends later, gtg now. bu~bye


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damn leia lol
2003-09-11 23:05 (link)
WWWWOOOOOOWWWW you write alot!!!!! its jenn of curse lol heres the link to my journal like yeah wooo. WE MUST go to one of mike's soccer games so dont forget to call me if you find when ones there lol see u in la

xoxo jenn

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Re: damn leia lol
2003-09-14 18:52 (link)
haha, yeah, ok, see ya then.

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