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Laren (luvableredhead) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 23:04:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:Stained "so far away"

    I really dont understand, i mean if u dont like me then tell me, dont lie to me. i really hate that, that hurts me more than u not likin me. i feel like i i dunno...i dont wanna talk bout that anymore to upsettin. anywyas today was boring as usual. me autumn and niki were supposed to go to the sterlingfest but niki had to go somewhere so i was kinda mad. but i realized it was silly to be cus she couldnt get out of wat she was doin. i guess we r goin 2morrow. that should be fun! The B52's how exciting lol well i jus got done doin my nails and im waitn for my parents to get home. They went on a motorcycle ride lol and i feel sorry for them cus it was rainin outside haha im home alone like, i really hate this.I was watchn home movies of the family like in '92 and stuff and i was soo cute!! me and corey were like goin on the go carts and goin swimmin and goin to the beach. Me and him used to do a lot of things together but not anymore. i hate that he feels like hes better than me and he feels embaressed to talk to me in front of his friends. When he does that it really hurts. I feel like dirt and that no one wants to be around me. but i jus sittn here listenin to music, i think it calms me down. My mood represents wat song im listenin too

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2003-08-12 21:49 (link)
hey laren i just wanted you to know that i really do love you and i don't want you to feel like I don't care about you becasuse you are my lil sister and u alway wil be no mtter what happens in your life or mine. I love you and I always will. If you ever need anything your big brother will always be here for u and i don't want you to feel this way anymore. I love you always corey

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