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Wicked Lincoln (lush635) wrote,
@ 2004-04-19 15:56:00
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    Current mood: relaxed
    Current music:Jack Johnson - Bubble Toes

    Her Dreams Are Picture Perfect
    I just won some vacation to Florida and Cancun, Mexico for 2 weeks. The company that held the contest were going to pay $2500 and I just had to pay $598. It's a long story and to make it short - I turned the muhfuhkah down. I guess they were a little upset that I did but I don't give a flying rats ass cos I've got more important things to do with my life rather than spending hard earned money on some Florida getaway. Oh well . . spilled milk.

    Traffic In The Sky
    Listen to Jack Johnson
    If you're in the mood to just chill with your friends, like at a barbeque or something, this is probably the perfect mood setter. I guess he has that island vibe going on and it makes me miss being on Guam. I miss eating red rice. I miss going to Crea and making myself an iced hazelnut latté. I miss driving down to my mom's house and dragging her to the mall so that we can hang out and shop. I miss hanging out in Tumon and seeing my little brother buying something for himself.

    Speaking of my little brother..
    He wrote the cutest thing in his livejournal, "My sister writes cool entries." Awww! Spanks! It feels good to know that he can read my entries and get somewhat inspired by the things I write. At least I can influence him in a good way. Cos I think I've influence that boy with all the bad stuff at first. I remember forcing him to smoke a cigarette in front of me. I remember smoking him for the first time. Haha! That was classic!

    It was a Wednesday night and my parents were off island. My friends and I planned to drive around the island for some reason but I'm sure you can guess that we didn't end up driving around the island. There were a bunch of us: Kaipo + Shane + Josh + Tré + Nikki + my little bro + I. Anyway, we were just waiting for Hiko to get off work so we all went to the Jonestown look out to kill time. Someone had a joint - I can't remember who - but the 7 of us shared one slightly lame joint. We all got pretty stoned off of that tho. I remember that was the very first time my little brother smoked a joint and I think he got pretty lit off of it cos he started laughing super hard and kept punching Tré on the arm. It was classic.

    I like hanging out with my little brother. Especially when we see each other at mosh parties. It's sad that he and my older brother can't really get along like that. I hope one day the three of us can party together. I think it would be fun.

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