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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-10-26 09:04:00
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    Current mood: high

    "It's hard to whistle when you're smiling so much"
    Everybody has those moments in their life that they store away in their memories so that any given moment, they can pull them out again and continue the savoring from where they left off. Last weekend was one of those memories along with the beach as a kid, and dinner at my nana's, and the last day of school sophmore year with Molly and Kerry that I will treasure above all others....cause I got to see Jason Mraz!!!

    He is a special man; a very special man. Nobody can do special like that man can (nobody can write amazing prose like Jill can either, unless you're Dr. Seuss). Anyway, he is the most natural, talented performer that I've ever seen in action. It's really something when you can go up on stage, close your eyes and yet make everyone in the audience feel like you are singing specifically to them. I'm telling you, not one person walked out of there without a greater sense of self-worth, "gee, if Jason Mraz thinks that la la la la la la la life is wonderful...well, it must be!" And he's a cutie. I would commit to a long-term relationship with Jason Mraz. In fact, I would even just skip over my stupid "pretend I hate the person that I actually like" phase and just be like, "hey dude, your life inspires me, I read your journal everyday and I promise I'm normal so please date me."

    Actually, that's one thing I learned this weekend by listening to his song, "I'm Yours" (amazing amazing song, go download it now and watch your life change!) How much time have I wasted playing hard to get? How many people have I confused/hurt/creeped out because I need to feel validated? I made a freakin egotistical Junior here, feel so insecure because of my "games" that he had to reduce himself to a facebook message defending his normalcy.

    "So I wont hesitate no more no more, it cannot wait, I'm yours. There's no need to complicate, our time is short, this is our fate, I'm yours."

    So, I did the concert thing, but before that I got to hang out Kerry on Thursday which was wonderful, cause I love her. And I love watching Dr. Quinn with her. Haha and then Saturday I got to hang out with my other lover Molly at Kutztown before the concert. I'm telling you, my molly and kerry time is right up there with shower and bed time. And when applicable, boyfriend time. Plus, without Molly, my nails would look like crap. A nail file....who would have thought...

    So, I had another realization due to this concert, but it involves a disclaimer so....

    DISCLAIMER: Because I go to a christian school, and because I have obviously stated my belief in God, and because I am totally sarcastic by nature, I feel no guilt in stating my following theory and hope that everyone realizes that all Ten Commandments are being kept sacred here...

    WWJD....what WOULD Jason do? That's how I've been evaluating every situation lately. Would Jason Mraz have pancakes or granola for breakfast? I thought granola, so that's what I ate. Would Jason Mraz do his essay now or wait a few hours? Jason Mraz would totally save that essay and go have a jam session with Tocca. So that's what I did (although it was less of a jam session and more of a "practicing Bach hands-alone" sort of ordeal...and no, Tocca was not there unfortunately). And, how exactly does Jason Mraz handle his creepy stalker fans? I assume that he is very polite and kind but gets the point across that they are creeping him out and they need to leave him the hell alone. And I tried that, but for some reason I don't think it worked...

    Yeah, so I have a really weird stalker who I blatanly just had to tell last night that no, I do not like him, I will never like him, and he should probably just leave me alone. What did I get as a response? Something along the lines of, "okay, may I form a deep, lasting friendship with you then? I'm sorry you're feeling creeped out, I'll be praying that you can sort out your issues." What is up with these people?!! I swear, the more they act all holy and pure around me, the more I feel like saying "damn" and "shit" around them.

    But Jason Mraz would have never written such a paragraph in his journal. Driving home on Sunday, Molly and I were talking and we were inspired (by Jason Mraz of course) to just "take life and like it." So much crap happens to us all, but it is the people who know how to handle it in a refined way, without complaining or lamenting about it, that evolve into the most beautiful and wise creatures.

    Wow, can you tell that I have discovered a new passion? Hey, there's nothing wrong with that though. You know why?

    Because Jason Mraz has passion.

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