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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-09-28 09:54:00
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    Current mood: indifferent

    Jill's Soapbox
    So I come to you all now in my infinite 19 year old wisdom to tell you how life really is (because you are all so young and can't figure it out for yourself.)

    The first thing I discovered when I turned 19 was something I realize everyday but I always seem to forget...Never raise your expectations too high!! Ugh! Yes, it's good to dream, but it's really a bummer when you're let down, especially if it's your birthday. I was seriously expecting to awake from a dreamless sleep and find that the sun was shining directly down on my face and that my friends would follow me around all day fanning me with palm leaves while frequently stopping to compliment me on my superb outfit choice. Not really, but come on Jill...

    The second thing is never underestimate the healing power of your mother/gaurdian/mother-figure or whoever has taken care of you as you were growing up. Unfortunately they know you better than you think whether you want them to or not. They will not be around for your entre life so it's best to appreciate them now. Why do you think people who are in mortal peril say "I want my mommy?" cause moms are freakin awesome!

    Third thing I learned was that if you turn the G-string on a violin too far, it will snap, the class will laugh at you, and your creepy Asian teacher from Juliard will look at you like you are a mutilated bum who has his fly down.

    Fourthly, I learned that no matter how many people tell you that they love you in one day, sadly, it hardly matters if the one person you want to love you just doesn't.

    And finally, I learned...or relearned that I have made some very wise friend choices. The friends I have from my childhood and highschool are genuinely some of the most quality people that I have ever encountered. I realized that I have to put the same amount of effort into my friends here as I did my friends back home because I have never once regretted the time I spent in forming a relationship. I just wrote a paper for Old Testament about how God created the world for community. He made Eve for Adam, no man is an island.

    So, yesterday was pretty eventful with all that soul-searching and stuff. Haha, today I'm going to KOP for lunch w/ the fam so I can get my presents! ;) College is so bipolar lately. I either am so busy that my roommates only see me in the morning and then when I go to bed, or I'm so bored out of my mind that I pace my room and stare out the window (which is actually probably the most fun thing to do here. Right now there is a man who parked his van on a walking path so that he could carry a box which was obviously way too heavy for him. It was really pretty hard to watch, but he had to look macho infront of all the pretty college girls.) Then, either I'm surrounded by people all day and I feel like the coolest girl in the world, or I'm all alone and I hardly have to say a word all day. My sister said that's just how it is..kinda annoying if you ask me.

    Oh well, c'est la vie. I'm going to Philly on Saturday w/ my hall which is going to be craaazy! Sooo, life is fine. It always is, you just have to remember when a man is disrespecting you, "Bun him (Wuy!) tek man pon him tek di car and van and run it!"

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