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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-08-10 08:21:00
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    Current mood: grateful

    How lucky are you?
    It's times like these when I'm compelled to put in my Suessical dvd and watch that little number entitled, "tell yourself how lucky you are" until I've drilled that piece of golden information into my head. It's just when it rains it....

    Well, everything's fine. And that's the end of it. So here my top reasons as to why I've convinced myself that my life is wonderful. Maybe they can apply to some of you, because you're all lucky too. We're all just damn lucky.

    1. In 18 days I'm going to a college where nobody knows me or the stupid things I've done. I have no history with the people so everyone should like me at least in the first week because they have no reason not to. I could get straight A's if I wanted to because that stupid C from Geometry doesn't matter anymore!

    2. There are four icecream places within a three mile radius of my house. We've got a Coldstone, Ritas, Coventry Ice Cream Parlor, and Meadowbrook all within the reach of my fingertips which is personally amazing considering that I've been named, "a frozen treat whore."

    3. There is a brand of juice named "Jill Mills" that they sell at Ludwigs. Now, maybe that doesn't exactly make my life wonderful, but it sure makes me feel special.

    4. I have a pool in my back yard and because of it, people come to my house in the summer, people that I love. And for the people that I don't love, it gives them something to do so I don't have to entertain the whole time.

    5. I have three seasons of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on dvd. I should never have a dull moment again.

    6. I'm literate.

    7. I smell pretty good most of the time.

    8. This may sound bad, but we've all thought it at some point...I'm not overweight.

    9. My mom still does my laundry. Maybe only for a few more days but I'll take what I can get!

    10. I have two amazing grandparents that I'm close with.

    11. I get along with my sister for the most part which is good because the person that you spend most of your life with is your sibling.

    12. I get to see Dustin shirtless at least three times a week.

    13. I have a good sense of humor and especially sarcasm

    14. I get to hang out with Adam Ponzek whenever I want to! He can be a little irritating and he likes to make me feel stupid (Collin's a buddist, yeah right, I didnt believe you for a second...), but all in all he really makes me happy. Yeah, my boyfriend likes me.

    15. I've seen more of the world than most adults I know.

    16. I can marry whoever I want.

    17. I can believe whatever I want.

    18. I have perfect teeth. Well it's true...

    19. I can sing well.

    20. I have friends that are truly loyal and that care about me, and on the otherside of that, I have friends that I love enough to be loyal to and care about.

    21. I believe in God. And if you don't understand the importance of that, I can tell you that He's had something to do with all of the previous 20 wonderful things in my life. Well, maybe not #12.....

    Wow, that was a really good idea. I started off just wanted to write my top 10 but I couldn't stop. "lalalallala life is wonderful!" sing it Mraz!

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