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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-03-11 17:11:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    In like a lion out like a Lamb
    I have something to say to select people who are making my life way harder than it should be: SCREW YOU!!

    Some of you will be very happy with me for saying that, but also disappointed because, I wont lie; I can type it, I can think it, I can write an entire essay on how I feel mistreated, but I don't think I could ever verbalize it.

    It's not a cop-out, it's peacemaking, right?

    I'm having a lovely day. Really tired, but very content. Yesterday was perfect from boule to the Irishman from SHETLAND (lol....woah, im dying...) to watching Harry Potter with the best musical cast I've ever been with in four was just beautiful. Today, eh, a lot of pointless running around to places, runing through stoplights, and running around in character shoes.

    But, also my ego has been boosted. That's right, I'm the blue bird, bow down.

    Wow, Me and the month of March are very similar. Hot and cold. I started out feeling mistreated, ended by saying "bow down." What the...heck?

    Well, my sister is home so we're going to hang out at the oh-so-cool foodcourt, and maybe while we eat we can checkout some hearing aids conveniently located right next to McDonalds. That's just so strange. "Speak up!"

    This took an hour to write and its disgustingly random and pretty much pointless. I must be tired. "Alright", that's my cue that its time to go incase you never yes, I've just alrighted myself...its time to stop. Love.

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