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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2006-02-19 13:01:00
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    Current mood: lazy

    Keep it cool boys real cool
    I've taken a long nap everyday for the past three days, "there's just so much to dream about."

    So, this weekend deserves to be written about, it's not interesting, i just feel like writing about it though. So, Friday was really different. I woke up with those wonderful nerves that only college auditions can inspire and decided I was going to keep it cool all day, be calm, be relaxed. I've been watching the Olymics non-stop...they're just so facinating to us musicians who would love to excercise but really just don't have the time. Anyway, I've been noticing their tactics on how to keep a good mindset before they I decided to be like Joey Cheek (actually, I don't know what he does to keep calm, all I know is he's adorable and a good person and that I'm probably in love with him).

    Point is, I read a book for an hour, and then practiced a little and then took a major walk with my mom, and then lounged around the house not doing anything really, and then I had about two hours before my audition, but i decided to go online first. Bad idea because at that moment the electricity decided to go out. So, I had done everything humanly possible to do that doesnt require electricity, but then when I had run out of things to do and need the electricity...theres nothing to do! I was not calm, and I really needed to shower so I looked professional. This was not going down how I wanted it to and I was not Joey Cheeking it like I wanted! So what did I do? Oh, I panicked until it came back on and then showered really quickly and everything was ok...for a little bit.

    So then we're driving to Eastern, and I've been getting along with my parents suprisingly well lately. But not today. We were so lost because my dad decided he was going to use his intuition to get to a place that he's never been before. His intuition was really sucky that day. So we were late, that's always a good impression not to mention I was highly stressed out at that point.

    We walk in and, great, everybody's looking at me weird. I love it when that happens. Whatever, I can ignore that...go to my audition room and...oops...."I'm sorry, your audition is on Monday, not today."

    So we drive two hours home, the long way of course because now my dad knows where he is and he decides to take the scenic route and stop in at a freezing cold produce stand for an hour and harrass a poor mexican or whatever he was about flowers.

    But now I was feeling really calm, everything on the drive home was so beautiful, the buildings so cute, the vegetables so inspiring, the mexican so I finally had that Olympian attitude I that it was all over.

    I am so cool.

    Then I did the fashion show thing and watched Moulin Rouge. This has already been explained i believe.

    Saturday Kerry and I had to go to my old church to be the "entertainment" for their little banquet thing. So, we went and played one rockin 15 minute concert for about 30 people all over the age of 50 with a few exceptions and left $20 richer than when we came. The funny part was that in the car we were so pumped up from preformance adrenaline bc we played classical music for a silent was pretty embarassing. Well, I can still say that I had a paying gig this weekend...nobody needs to know what it was for...

    Yep, today was church and stuff and tomorrow will be my REAL audition so pray and think good thoughts.

    Love and peace to everyone and go take a nap, trust me, it puts everything into perspective.

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