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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2005-12-09 10:46:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    It's a snow day. I am bored. I took a survey. Enjoy
    All about yourself...the survey.
    All about yourself...
    First name?::Jillian
    Middle name?::Marie
    Like your name?::sure, especially when John says it haha
    Named after anyone?::there is only one jillian miller
    Any nicknames?::jill?
    Age?::18, yeah, im a grown up now
    Time you were born?::Nobody remembers, isnt that nice?
    Current location?::my house
    Like your height?::no, i want to be 5'5" w/ brown like the sunrise
    Eye color?::blue
    Hair color?::brown
    Natural hair color?::brown
    Dye your hair often?::no, but i might when i start getting sick of it
    Righty or lefty?::righty
    Your favorite...
    Type of music?::Truly, it's classical and soundtracks and stuff...but I do love my rock too
    Band or singer?::Third eye blind and Jewel! Yanni of course, although he is neither a band or a singer...I loove Charlotte Martin too
    TV show?::Gilmore Girls and the OC
    Movie?::Romeo and Juliet, Little Women and A Knights Tale
    TV channel?::the WB
    Radio station?::102.5 and 90.1
    Place to be?::home, Kerri's house or Bermuda
    Thing to do?::play piano and watch movies
    Food?::Pasta! I ate like 8 types of it at the banquet last night, that was heaven
    Non alcoholic drink?::Grapefruit juice
    Alcoholic drink?::Moi?? Oh la la!
    Animal?::horses and Ginko
    Season?::Spring, but thats usually when I'm the most stressed out, so maybe Fall
    Place to shop?::Coventry's just so nostalgic for me
    Clothing brand?::american eagle
    Scent?::Sunflower! oh thats so nice
    Restaurant?::Ludwigs or Eastside Mario's
    Fast food restaurant?::Burger King
    Pizza topping?::pinapple and ham
    Ice cream flavor?::pumpkin
    Magazine?::seventeen or...ok this is embarrassing, Chester County...
    City?::Philly or Hamilton not sure if that counts w/e
    Color?::colbalt blue
    This or that...
    Chocolate or vanilla?::vanilla
    Pepsi or coke?::coke
    Hot or cold?::cold
    Black or white?::white
    Dog or cat?::cat
    French toast or pancakes?::pancakes
    French fries or onion rings?::curly fries!
    Hamburger or hot dog?::hamburger
    Pepperoni or sausage?::sausage
    Britney or Christina?::neither?
    McDonalds or Burger King?::Burger King
    50 Cent or Eminem?::not a fan of either
    Canada or Mexico?::Canada...well, it will be after this spring right?
    Hug or kiss?::depends on whos doing yeah
    Movies or TV?::movies
    Truth or dare?::truth
    Do you...
    Shower daily?::it's the best part of the day, right molly?
    Sing in the shower?::Of course! i dont have many other opportunities to not kidding either
    Like to sing?::Love it
    Like to dance?::yeah, I get down occasionally
    Smoke?::not yet, we all know its inevitable though...jk
    Drink?::not at all
    Talk to yourself?::sometimes
    Believe in yourself?::not enough
    Play an instrument?::Piano and mallets
    Go to school?::unfortunately, but not today!
    Go to college?::I will by this time next year, shutter...
    Have a job? daddy's my boss
    Like your job?::im getting minimum wage from my own family, so not really
    Want to get married?::yes
    Want to have kids?::we'll see..
    Get along with your parents?::got to love them
    Get along with your siblings?::Natalie's freakin awesome..most of the time
    Drive?::you could call it that...yes i drive
    Do you think you're trustworthy?::with secrets yes, with objects, no...
    Think your funny?::when i feel like it, not everyday do you get to hear me talk to my gymbag though
    Ever toilet papered someones house?::nah
    Gone garbage can tipping?::noo
    What are your parents names?::David and April
    Siblings names?::Natdaddy
    Do you wash your hands frequently?::oh yeah! im getting to be like Leo in Aviator
    How many time a day do you brush your teeth?::around 5
    Collect anything?::awards haha jk
    Ever been in love?::in a way
    In love right now?::no..not with a real person anyway
    What color pants are you wearing right now?::black
    How does your hair look?::its 10 AM on a snow day...what do you think?
    Ever had your heartbroken?::well, yes, it breaks a lot actually over small things i guess
    Ever broken the law?::only stupid laws
    Been arrested?::nope
    Been out of the country?::yep, I'm going to Europe too! sorry needed to brag
    Can you stick your fist in your mouth?::ouch, no
    When was the last time you got drunk?::never, its one of the most unattractive things I think a person can do, just my opinion
    Do you do drugs?::no
    When was the last time you were high on anything?::the last time I listened to my districts cd
    Do you prefer the lights on or off?::off
    Would you ever get plastic surgery?::only if i was in an accident
    Do you prefer boxers or briefs?::boxers, although Im not the one wearing them
    Do you like to laugh?::who doesnt?
    Ever had a bloody nose?::no
    Have you ever caught a fish?::yep
    What was the last thing you ate?::pancakes
    What time do you go to bed?::11 something
    What's your favorite color?::purple or colbalt blue
    Do you like to give or recieve?::recieve, I wont lie
    Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?::um, no comment...
    Do you live alone?::nope
    Do you own a blender?::heck yeah, do i use it, no
    Do you like the snow?::Its so beautiful!
    Ever been up a mountain?::Yep, skiing
    Ever been rootin'?::ay??
    Do you like surprises?::ehh, hard to say
    Take this survey | Find more surveys
    You've been totally Bzoink*d

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