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I'm just a singer, you're the world (lunasueno) wrote,
@ 2005-11-19 18:19:00
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    Current mood: loved

    How about love?
    "If love be rough with you, be rough with love
    prick love for pricking and you beat love dooowwn!"- R&J

    I watched Romeo and Juliet again for the first time in about a year in a half. It is my favorite movie for a reason.

    So today on the bus to districts, Mrs. Yurick was asking me if I was still with "that Phil dude" and I answered with great enthusiasm, absolutely not.

    And I even told her how I really think the whole relationship thing is a big waste of time. Ever since I started going out with him, I kind of stopped believing in love. I mean, I loved him...I cared about him more than I care about the ordinary person...but it just wasnt what I always thought love should be. And for a while now, I've just decided that I made up what "love" really is by watching too many movies, for example, Romeo and Juliet.

    Hence, the reason I haven't watched it in almost two years.

    I mean, I was thinking, I dont think I'm capable of caring for a boy that much, I've never wanted to give up everything for a stupid boy...either they care about me too much or they dont really care at all.

    I would give up everything for my mother though. I think about my friends continually. My family has loved me just enough that I know that they're here for me, but not so much that I can't live my own life. Two really special friends supported me soo much today through districts by just taking the time to write an email and call....

    That is real love. It's not Hollywood perfection, it's not so intense that I would commit suicide, but it is there.

    So, I haven't found it in a boy yet which is fine with me, but after today and watching that movie...I can't help but believe that there is such a thing as "selfless-love."

    Maybe next time around, it can be love at first sight.
    Or a love/hate relationship that really is all love in the end
    Or maybe I could be the damsel in distress ...I would like to be comforted for once..

    "love goes towards love like schoolboys from their books; but love from love towards school with heavy looks."

    Anything is possible...

    Like getting into districts!!! WOOHOO! That's right, Jill made the top twenty out of 61 Alto I's! That was more competition than the Soprano I's had....I was 13th to be exact. I know this sounds ungrateful...but I was actually expecting to do a lot goal was to be in the single digits, but hey, I'm just glad I get to be in another one of those concerts! Oh well, I only have to move up 3 spots and then I can go to regionals...wouldnt that be freakin awesome???

    Summary: I love people, I love music, I love districts, I love friends and I love LOVE.

    "The world falls on it's knees for love."

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