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Ludwig Van Rizik (ludwigvanrizik) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 14:46:00
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    back to school
    School... its too bad we had to return but each day is bringing me closer to my birthday. Feb.8. Ill be turning 16 and ill finally be able to drive. Ive been looking forward to this since I was 10. If youd like, i want everyone i know to go to big boy on feb.7. too eat. Its my favortie restuarant in town and i would love too see everyone together. Especially since i will be moving to east lansing as soon as my family finds a house. I think this move is the best thing for me. I love it there so much because of the people and the atmosphere. Everyone there is dressed just like me and listens to the same music as me. The other day i was there, and i decided to sit and drink coffee and a coffee house called the caffe latte. I sat and smoke my cigattes for an hour talking to complete strangers about the music we loved. There was a guy who i talked to for quite a bit that was going to Michigan State. He loved bands suchas the postal service, and the Polyphonic Spree. he told me to come back and find him at the Cafe Latte when i move so that he could take me to a few partys and really show me what life is like on campus. It is sort a dream come true for me to be able to walk into town and know everyone there. He said i would quickly learn everyones name. I just cant wait til i have the chance to move there. I will be attending East Lansing high, whichis sort of by east lake high. THat is the high school american pie took place in. and Michigan State is the College some of them attended in American pie 2. My uncle apparently knew all the people the american pie characters were based on. I have yet to see the new one though, american wedding.

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2004-01-11 00:09 (link)
Ettison Clio is playing on your birthday and i say i take you for your birthday.....oh wait will you be in Lansing? Damn um ok bye


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Re: ..
2004-01-12 14:45 (link)
of course i will join you. i will probly not move until the end of summer but it is not definite that im moving, i have to wait and here what my pshcologist thinks.

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Re: ..
2004-01-12 18:37 (link)
Ok well then we should go...and i will pay for you and everything for a present (: DONT MOVE!!! Psychologist??


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