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lucky (luckyoc) wrote,
@ 2003-06-04 14:38:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:social d- sick boys

    i almost diededededed
    i feel bouncy, how do i do that on one leg?ok so you guys probably already know, i was in a bad accident on saturday. the tacoma decided it would be fun to roll over 3 times after we got hit by another car. SO THE ACCIDENT WASNT MY FAULT! lets all remember that before we start calling me gimpy or peg leg. if you call me peg leg you better darn well buy me a pirate outfit with a monkey. yes a monkey, not a parrot. and the monkey wants a pirate outfit too. with an eyepatch. anyways yea so im ok, just bumps and bruises, i have crutches, a sling, and lots of medication. but my tummy has been upset because of me being all stressed out over this nonsense. i knew i shoulda gone down beach instead of valley view. dude you know what? almost every accident ive been in has been on valley view. damn valley view, damn it to hell. i think valley view and the 405 freeway are trying to work together to kill me. why you ask? i have no idea. but they are. and lizzie your daddy will be fine. ill disguise his veggies as meat. and we'll put him in a bubble room where he cant stress out. it'll work dont you worry your pretty little head. oh and good news, me and kyle are ok everyone. we're just gonna be good friends, and see if it ever can go somewhere from there. oh and heather i love you your my bestestestest buddy and dont worry about it, if they're the great person that you know they are, they'll get over it and still talk to you. and if not, then they arent worth being a friend of yours. I LOVE YOU ALL and now im going to FINALLY go see finding nemo. MUAH!

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