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rAcHeL (luckiestarr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 00:36:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Rufio- Dont hate me (random music found on my comp)

    Blah, Im soooo bored.I should be asleep now like all the other good little kids but i cant sleep.i have to take my mom to the dentist tomorrow and get up all bright and shiny in the morning wich will suck major!But its all good I'll make it somehow.I talked to my robert not to long ago, hes at work.*Mr. bobert gives you gas, Mr bobert gives you food, Mr. bobert will kick your ass with the big sword thingys!!*Dont ask lots of boredom....hes quitting working at the triton though,that makes me happy back to the barn he gos.I just feel alot more safe when hes at bennies,plus it doesnt take as much money to get there cause the triton is out in bumfuckegypt!!So yea that was something almost interesting, i guess.I was trying to think of what i would do for my birthday but i cant think of anything that sounds good.I could always have a pool party like every other year of my life,or i could have a little techno rave type party but theres no room in my house.So im thinking i might just not have a big special party just go with whatever happens...i dunno its all so confusing i hate birthdays(but at the same time i love them)My moms birthday is in like 8 days. I should probly do sompthin for her....She is my mom and loves me oh so much no matter how annoying i get.I think me and the other ten million people living at my house will make her a cake or sompthin....who knows but yea i think im going to color or sompthin since no one is online and all!
    later later!

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