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rAcHeL (luckiestarr) wrote,
@ 2003-05-12 21:15:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:The starting line-Nothings gonna stop us now

    well i havent wrote in here since i got it so i thought now might be an ok time to do so....I just got back from the pier we had been there since about 4 (we= me,jessica,and vic and the rest of the peeps down there)Some of those kids down there just drive me insane with all there drama, "i love him, i'll give him a kid if he wants one" goodness gracious what these kids will do for a crush these days.Thats why im glad i have my robert i dont have all that drama with him i mean yea theres drama but not anything big, well i guess me and robert are just different than most teenage relationships these days.I dont care if he gos out and stays out late,i dont care if he does stuff that i dont like,i dont care if he gos and sees his friends rather than seeing me,i dont care if he messes around with other chicks.....well i do care but if he does than its his life he can do what he wants if he wants me in it then he knows what he can and cant do and if not then whatever.I dunno its just all so crazy these days the world revolves around sex,drugs,and gossip.I mean with me personaly im a virgin and i dont see the point in having sex with a guy just to keep the relationship going if i want to have sex with you than i will but the reason for it wont be because i want to have a boyfriend and i want to be cool.most girls are all like "man i wish i had a bf" or like crying and getting thier mood down because they dont have a bf or the bf broke up with them or whatever, but me yea i have one but if i didnt i would be ok i dont need a boyfriend to live.Yea there fun but you really dont "NEED" one to they drive me insane.Im just thinking that ive matured alot faster than most people my age.....i dont need to be cool, i dont need to be liked, i dont need to lie to be popular or whatever.Im just me and i just dont care what other people think!!!!!I also got to see Paco today for the first time in like forever i didnt really know him all that well before he went to jail but i had met him a few times,but robert brought him by today and he was really cool he made me smile,he has star tattoos,there soooo awesome.Im glad i got to wake up to robert and paco rather than victoria,it was a nice little totally confusing wake up.hmm what else almost interesting happend today....nothing really i guess ,well damn im boring........Guess thats all for tonight, much love, Rach

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2003-05-13 10:18 (link)
hmmm, I see how ya gonna be, no 'I talked to my Sarah, she is great' nope, none, what-so-ever. Yeah Rachel, so, Robert, hmm, youre gonna just leave me for my brother (not real brother, just sorta), and he does too many drugs, HUGS NOT DRUGS!!! so you should hug me and love me, but you dont, youd rather have dumb ol Robert. yeah, yeah, uh huh. *bell rings* opps, I love you...

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