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rAcHeL (luckiestarr) wrote,
@ 2003-06-26 21:50:00
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    Current mood: moody
    Current music:Matchbook Romance: Promise ( this song explains my feelings)

    roar blah grr
    Ummmm blah im bored.......i feel really yucky.Aunt flow is down for another weekly visit.Errrrrr........Today I went to walmart , it was ok i didnt get anything though.Today was just not my day.I think its because i didnt get a nice sleep last night adam had called me and kinda scared me....Didnt get much sleep and had nightmares when i did sleep, but yea i almost hit two cars today only one time would have been my fault , i started crying and my mom laughed at me.I felt like an idiot, but my emotions are crazy this week its not my fault.I talked to robert while i was waiting for my mom to get out of walmart, i feel like hes getting sick of me it might just be me but i dont know.I feel bad when i talk to him some times because i dont trust him, when he tells me the way he feels i always think hes lying to me.Although everyone else seems to tell me hes a loser and to leave him because i can do much better , i just cant seem to let go and it makes me feel stupid to tell him how i feel because i cant trust him enough to belive what he says to me. but yea enough blabbing about robert, i think im going to check my email and try to make this night some what interesting.later later

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