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y0u are beAutiful. . . (luciouzdiva) wrote,
@ 2003-03-01 19:08:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:disturbed-stupify

    life is a joke
    wow, i've been lazy huh? i haven't updated in much stuff has been going on..let see school haha what a joy, i've been getting in a lot of trouble lately but i guess some of it is worth it ya know? you gotta have fun in that place sometimes...well i have a new layout, and i love you guys like it? i hope ya do! hmm i went to a dance last night it was pretty cool..i chilled with amy, sara, rach, rach, tyla, john, frank, brian, cef, bryan, ed, holly, lauren, mer, stacey, a whole bunch of people..i was stuck to amy though we went all over the place lol..they started a mosh pit too it was pretty funny..yeah but i'm really tired today..and i'm not in a great mood, cuz i've found somethings out that i don't wanna know and it makes me feel so bad right now..i can't take going into depression again cuz of some small stuff but i really can't stand it anymore..and i really need to talk to colie or jess right now and i can't find either one of them..but yea i don't know what to write right now i'm thinking about too much, so when i feel better i will update..i hope you all are having a great weekend..i love ya all..x0x0

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2003-03-02 12:35 (link)
I LOVE UR LAYOUT TOO!!!!!! its soo cute.. did u make it for urself?? CHEER UP!@ lol

<3 jenn

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ToDaY sUcKeD
2003-03-03 16:38 (link)
Today like tottaly sucked ass, i had to wake up for school so fucking early it was rediculous. i thought i was gonna die from it bein so early... if u knoww what i mean, haha... well me and my boyfriend Kyle are doin GREAT! i love him so much, a few days ago was out anniversery... 11months. i love him.... well i got to go... love ya....

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