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Luci (lucidspectre) wrote,
@ 2003-11-26 09:17:00
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    here i go again
    just thinking of ppl, such interesting creatures they are, yes.
    what interests you the most about them?
    well, with me it's the fact that we are not truely our own self. we are merely reflections or refractions of every expierence we've ever had, and another thing that gets me, is that without another human being we cannot survive. i dont simply mean in the way of needing a romantic companion, but alot of ppl seem to be incapable of going for more than an hour and a half without some sexual content needed, but what i mean is that without being around another human being, we WILL die.
    there was a study that was done with orphan babies, which they stopped soon after they started, not because the results they were looking for were not achieved, but what did happen was not expected and was dangerous.
    The orphan children were kept seperate from human interaction. they were not touched at all. they were kept alive by nurses using a carefully planned out buffer zone inbetween them, within a research facility. The study was trying to rule out if these children would come up with their own language, completly foreign to any we know, but that did not happen. instead, the children died. they dided because they didnt not have human touch.
    isnt that screwed up?
    so the very thing i hate, (society) is the thing that keeps me alive.

    damn it.

    oh well, go do something productive, like, shave.

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