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Amber (ltjinsanegc) wrote,
@ 2003-05-20 19:56:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:"Ready To Roll'~Flashlight Brown

    yeah so today started off bad, turned good, turned to bad again, then ended so incredibly good you don't even understand! i got to school late which pissed me off cuz mr. malenfant already hates me. but things got oh so much better second block cuz i had class with............ <3 DAN <3...... oh my god i like him so much and i wish he liked me too but i don't know. then my day took a horrible turn when i started thinkin bout this convo i had with one of my best friends last night... which went somewhat like this, "...........that's what made me fall in love with her..........." so as of yesterday, i found out that my friend is in love with this girl and came back saying he thought i was one of the people he told.... WHICH i wasn't... so that pissed me off. and like 2 weeks ago i started to have feelings for him then he tells me this and anything i ever felt for him, besides friendship, is gone. and then two of my other friends told me that he only wanted to get laid but that he actually really did like me... which got me all confused and i still don't understand.. BUT, we've come to the highlight of my day. we had to go to and assembly thing for gym and..... <3 DAN <3.... is in my gym block thingy. and out of all the seats that were open, he sat two seats in front of me. oh man i almost died. me n carolyn made fun of pretty much everything the lady said, well what he heard at least... is she still talking? did she say something?!? lol good times good times! then after all of this happened, i was hanging out with my two buds waiting for my coach and guess who was there....<3DAN<3.... and he kept walkin by... and i kept flippin out... so Jarod was like, "you gotta talk to him" but i couldn't cuz i'm scared n im afraid he'll hate me and i really don't want that. well that was my day so now i'm gunna get lyrics for songs.... new song everyday.... YAY!

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