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Chloe Davies (lovinity) wrote,
@ 2003-05-11 21:21:00
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    Current music:It's my party

    My Birthday.
    Dear, Diary

    It was my birthday, It was so wonderful <33

    Charlie got me a CAT. I love him so much.
    and Just that topped it all off, I saw James for a little bit ;\ That sucked. I got wonderful gifts! Thank you all <33
    Alex told me all about her new `` Crush `` Shh. <3
    And Charlie told me about the break up, I looked beautiful. And now I'm Fifteen. Oh I Loved my birthday.
    What do I name my new Kitty ?

    xoxo. Chloe

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2003-05-13 19:21 (link)
Oh Chloe! I'm so sorry I missed your birthday.. I was so busy! I'm bound to get you something though. Congratulations on the new kitty!


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2003-05-13 19:30 (link)
Oh Chloe! I`ve been a terrible best friend, haven`t I? I haven`t been around and on top of everything, I missed your birthday! Oh Chloe, I am so sorry! So, to make it all up to you, I got you something very special and I`m making sure not to miss the next birthday you have! I love you lots, sweetie. Meet me sometime before class so we can begin discussing what we`re going to wear to the ball ( I found the most beautiful dress ).

Carina Eryn-Elizabeth Finnigan

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it's ok.
2003-05-14 08:56 (link)
It's ok, I swear I'm fine. I had a blast, and I understand that you were very busy. Um, sure we can meet no problem. I got a kitty, help me name it ok ? I heart you forever.

xoxo, Chloe

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2003-05-14 14:57 (link)
I missed your birthday also, Chloe. I'm sorry, love. But I got you something, just be around sometime this week so I can give it to ya.

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2003-05-14 21:21 (link)
i'm loved? hot.

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2003-06-05 22:40 (link)

It's *marlime*. New username, darling.



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