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Chloe Davies (lovinity) wrote,
@ 2003-05-06 19:34:00
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    Boils, best friends, and couples.
    I swear, my two best friends are very thick. One likes the other, and I'm stuck in the middle with who said what.
    I mean, they like eachother, and wish one would ask the other to the dance. Just they're very thick. And I'm supposed to be the ` dumb ` one, and they're in Ravenclaw.. So today Elias walked away to somewhere, he thinks he's hot shit. Just because he had to be somewhere with someone. What a jerk, just left me there. Then Carina came along, and we chatted for a bit; then she had class. I love her, I do.

    James sent me an OWL the last night. I keep reading it, over and over again. I had a little meeting with Charlie last night, we didn't get too far. So we set up another date for the little conversation. We, boils are so gross. Parker cursed Tristan, and Aidan with boils. It was rather gross... And they're dating, it sweet and all. Just can we keep the public affection to a minimum? Parker really isn't that horrid of a person, just nobody understands her. I know what that's like to feel misunderstood.

    ( p. s ) I heart James Potter

    xoxo Chloe

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eck boils!
2003-05-07 16:53 (link)
Boils are horrid! My brother was cursed with them once, and I had to carry him across town. Nasty things to touch. Hope everything works out with your friends. Blessed be.

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