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Chloe Davies (lovinity) wrote,
@ 2003-05-04 10:22:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:stars- ta tu

    close my eyes.
    He kissed me on my cheek. Touched me on my sides. Sat down beside me, and made feel like the only girl that mattered in the world. He has this thing about him, that comes over me, almost like a love spell. However, it can't be, because it all feels so real. His eyes enchant me, the way he moves, and talks. I just want to fall asleep in his arms , and never wake up. When he's around, eevrything is a whirlwind, accpet him. All I see is him, and we were meant to be. Too be I can see what is in store for us, him, and me. I hate this. i scream. I scream inside. because i can see . what's meant not to be seen. Other's can't see. However, not what I can see. It hurts. I'm scared & I want to run. I don't want to see. My gift is a curse, and now it's a fear. I don't like looking at myself in mirrors. I hate the silence, so I run. The silence brings it. I want to give it up. I'm not special, i'm broken.
    If only others could see what I could see. Nobody would ever wish they were Chloe Davies. My eyes are open, and I want them shut. I see what willl happen. So I cry inside, cause I can't tell anyone. If i get too close to James will i lose him. If i don't tell him , is it my fault . If I told everyone would blame me.
    ` Why didn't to tell us, we could have stopped it! `
    ` It's all your fault. `
    I could see it all now. And I wish I couldn't see.
    I want to be a normal girl, I smile and Sparkle. Just with a gift, a gift that is a curse.

    hide my eyes. I don't want to see anymore.

    xoxo Chloe

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