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~*Something Called Love*~ (vote4kim) wrote in loveyouxnot,
@ 2003-06-16 03:57:00
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    Hey guys whats up!
    so my b.f and i have been goin out for hmm about 2 years now :-/ and things havent been so great... you see he lives all the way across the u.s.a and cmon you cant expect us to cheat on him now he tells me he doesnt which i believe him i mean ppl tell me all the time hes never really got ne gurls i just so happend to like him myself! well anyways one day about a year ago i had met this guy and cheated on him with this kid... now i know i shouldnt of done that but grr i needed sex lol i mean i never see him i cant help it you know but whatever ever anyway we got over it and we became really close again....and then about 2 weeks ago i did it again grrr "Damn Me!" i couldnt help but tell him after i mean i cant lie to him i love him to much..i really didnt want to do it with this kid but you know i had to...but now we are kinda brokein up and i cant take it its killing me i miss him so much but all in the end I HATE GUYS!! blah i think i am gonna become lesbo ......

    P.S There was alot more that went on with the guys that i didnt want to get into so thats why i think there big assholes!!

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