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Genesis (heartxxhav0k) wrote in loveyouxnot,
@ 2003-06-13 18:50:00
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    Current mood:hopeful
    Current music:Buried Myself Alive- The Used

    So he gives you a headache?
    Well here it is, a boyfriend RANT community. If you feel like you need to just let it out, here is the place. When he pisses you off, makes you cry, drives you to the point of insanity and you just need a place to bitch or cry. Well here it is, a community made just for those of you who need it.


    Read the RULES and join. It's pretty simple. As soon as you join and have actually read the rules, leave a post introducing yourself. This place can be filled with your day to day problems that occur with your boyfriend or crush, poetry, seeking advice, giving advice, anything you feel fits this community.

    Boyfriends Name: Matt
    Together Since: 05-15-03
    Relationship Status: ROCKY

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2003-06-15 18:29 (link)
How exactly do i go about joining a community like this?? Im new at this stuff.

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