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TABITHA. (lovesong_wong) wrote,
@ 2010-07-06 21:15:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:jacks mannequin ;;mixtape ♥;

    ive been very torn lately. i want to be happy at all times.. i want to fall in love w. the man of my dreams nd live happily ever after. i've already met the man of my dreams nd now im on my way to living happily ever after when cold feet rush in. im not getting married or even thinking about engagement, (although i want my ring to be amazing!) but i cant help but always think: "what am i missing out on?" not exactly guys, sex nd hooking up.. but what about those nights to the club w. my girls or spending the weekend at the beach or anything that i would presently be scolded for doing. its crazy because i think back to when my mother would have me grounded for monthsss.. nd id always say that one day no one will ever tell me what to do.. because they just couldnt, who were they?? nd here i am feeling like im back at square one. honestly, i would love to go out on the weekends to some party.. or just stay out till whenever i want. id love to go to a themed throwed party w. my friends! but i have a boyfriend.. we have an apartment.. those arent the things i should be doing. i know id freak out if he ever did that to me. so here i am.. this is just a phase if all goes well. i love justin, i just have this odd itch. let fate be..

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2010-09-24 22:40 (link)
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